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New Teaser Video for ‘Ultra Kid Sprint’ from Crescent Moon Games

You may remember nearly a year ago when perpetually busy developer Crescent Moon Games announced a new title by the name of Ultra Kid: Mystery of the Mutants. It was a platforming game with a combination of 2.5D and fully 3D gameplay, set in a colorful and cartoonish 3D world with the cute space boy Ultra Kid as its main character. A couple of months later, late last June, we got a peek at the first teaser video for Ultra Kid, and it looked really promising.

About this same time, Crescent Moon had taken on the massive cosmetic overhaul of Aralon: Sword and Shadow [$9.99], and due to that project taking up most of their focus Ultra Kid: Mystery of the Mutants got put on the back burner. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much about him since then, despite the upcoming thread in our forums still receiving a fair bit of interest.

Then yesterday, Ultra Kid was resurrected, but not quite in the way you might think. Crescent Moon announced a brand new game, Ultra Kid Sprint, which is an endless running style game using the same graphics and set in the same universe as Ultra Kid: Mystery of the Mutants.

With the glut of endless running games already on the App Store, Ultra Kid Sprint hopes to differentiate itself a bit from the pack. First of all, it is comprised of fully 3D graphics and looks fantastic. It also utilizes a dynamic camera that will zoom in and out during play, and is offset slightly behind the character giving a pretty unique perspective to the game. Also, levels will feature multiple elevations and different paths to take, and are chock full of enemies to dispatch and power ups to collect. At one point, Ultra Kid will even be able to transform into a moon buggy to take out enemies.

You can get a quick taste of the gameplay in Ultra Kid Sprint in the following teaser trailer:

Ultra Kid Sprint should have approximately 6 endless levels to play, and Crescent Moon is hoping to have the game out sometime next month. As for Mystery of the Mutants, it’s still in development and should see the light of day at some point, though no firm time frame for release has been committed to. In the meantime, Ultra Kid Sprint is looking pretty cool, and may just be an interesting new take on the endless runner formula. There’s currently a discussion in our forums for Ultra Kid Sprint, and we’ll have more from this title in the coming weeks.