Indie development studio Manomio, whose proud motto is "in retro we trust," first grabbed our attention last summer when their Commodore 64 for iPhone [link] emulation app was rejected by Apple, putting some of the App Store's boundaries under the spotlight. Happily, though, C64 eventually got the green light and has been warming the hearts of retro gaming enthusiasts for just over a year, now. It's beautifully executed and is a favorite here at Touch Arcade.

Early this year, Manomio let us know that they had a whole lot more retro heart warming in store and shared details of their upcoming Amiga emulation system, now known as iAmiga, that would allow them to license and release various classic Amiga titles to be faithfully rendered on your iPhone screen. On hearing this we were -- readers and editors alike -- thrilled at the prospect of enjoying some of the true gaming gems that sit among the vast library of Amiga releases. A short tech demo video was provided in short order, showing two games in play, that served as quite a teaser, making us very anxious to get our hands on the studio's latest.

I'm happy to report that, yesterday, Manomio CTO Stuart Carnie was merciful enough to finally put an end to our suffering and provide us with an exclusive early build of the iAmiga system, packed with a bundle of sample games, to put through its paces. Yea, it's dirty work, but somebody's got to do it.

After spending some serious time with the iAmiga system, I can tell you that, for an early build, it is truly impressive. While it's true that a few of the games that I tried glitched at some point, the vast majority ran perfectly and buttery smoothly on my iPhone 4. I'm talking about totally accurate sound, flawless graphics, glass smooth animation -- just as if the games were being played on the standard config Amiga 500 that iAmiga emulates. Right now there are keyboard, mouse, and joystick input systems that can be activated with a tap, but (especially in the case of the keyboard) they are quick and dirty solutions that will be replaced with much more refined components before anything lands in the App Store, Stuart assures me. The overall portrait / landscape control mechanics, like those found in the studio's C64, will be preserved, however.

As for what's under the hood of the iAmiga system, Manomio has taken the UAE4All Amiga emulator and tied it to Stuart's own ARM assembly optimized, emulated 68000 CPU core. In the name of performance, the core relies upon the ARM7x architecture and, as such, only iPhone 3GS / 3rd gen. iPod touch devices and up can play. iPad support is coming, as well.

The original plan was to take this emulator and wrap it around various licensed Amiga titles and release them as stand-alone games. That's still part of the plan, but as certain App Store restrictions have loosened a bit of late, there will likely also be a sort of Amiga shell app released that that allows the stand-alone games to be played in a richer Amiga emulation environment that may offers things like OpenGL ES 2.0 shader effects to add scan-lines, CRT glare, and even TV-out and iPad play using a tethered iPhone as a controller. Just the kind of things that make die-hard retro nuts rather weak in the knees.

Stuart has given the okay for us to record and share sample gameplay footage of his emulation system, and so I've put together a fairly lengthy mix of 10 Amiga games that you just might remember.

The games shown in the video are the following, in order: Defender of the Crown, Battle Squadron, International Karate +, R-Type, R-Type II, Speedball, Stunt Car Racer, Shadow of the Beast, Virus, and Xenon 2: Megablast. It should be noted that this list does not represent the list of games that will necessarily be coming to the App Store through the iAmiga system -- these are games simply used to test the system in its developmental state. (In fact, some of these I added from my own collection of Amiga disk images.)

As far as what we will be seeing in the way of iOS Amiga releases, Manomio has licensed various titles from Cinemaware, so Defender of the Crown, It Came from the Desert, Wings, and others are on the way. The studio is currently in licensing discussions with several other IP holders to secure additional titles for iOS release, including Factor 5 (Turrican I, II, III), The Bitmap Brothers (Xenon II: Megablast), Magnetic Fields (Supercars), Cope-Com (Battle Squadron), and Archer MacLean (IK+). Additionally, they are in talks with an unnamed major mobile publisher that's very interested in putting Amiga classics in the hands of today's gamers.

As you can see from the video, what we're in for is a wave of excellent games that are retro, true, but not so retro that they lack mainstream appeal. (Yes, the Amiga was that advanced 25 years ago.) This is big news, not only for iOS gamers, but for mobile gaming in general. In my personal experience, Amiga emulation has been quite a bit more difficult to manage than other age-old platforms on proper Macs and PCs due to the complexity of the original hardware. The thought of having easy access to these games in a tap-and-go fashion -- even standing in line at the bank -- is just amazing. I call this some of the very biggest news in iOS gaming that we've ever covered and can't wait until all of you out there get a chance to enjoy these great Amiga titles on your iOS devices, as well.

For readers unfamiliar with the Amiga, it is a 16-bit computer released by Commodore in 1985. A far more complex system than the C64, the Amiga featured a powerful central processor (the same found in the early Macintosh), various custom co-processors, and a multitasking operating system that, together, enabled audiovisual feats previously unseen in a consumer system at that point in time. While it did not see enormous popularity in the United States, it was wildly popular in Europe and is considered by many to be one of the very best game platforms ever created. InfoWorld called the Amiga the "third milestone" in computing after the Apple II and IBM PC.

We'll be tracking Manomio's iAmiga project closely and will pass along any further details that emerge, as we get them.

UPDATE: The developer has indicated that iAmiga will gain AGA support sometime after the first version is out the door. AGA (for Advanced Graphics Architecture) is the third generation Amiga chipset that brought a 24-bit color palette and more overall graphics horsepower to the platform. (Many of the most recent Amiga games are AGA-only.)

  • Anonymous

    What's Manomio got against the iPad? 😉

    • Jean-Philippe SARDA

      Too much pixels to fill 🙂

      • Stuart Carnie

        we love iPad - it's going to be a beautiful thing...

  • Anonymous

    What's Manomio got against the iPad? 😉

  • Dahak

    Well at least they have some Cinemaware games lined up for this one. Considering the complete lack of hardcore titles for the C64, though, I have little faith in their ability to do too much better with the Amiga.

    • Stuart Carnie

      Unfortunately, everyone has a different opinion of what a hard core title is 🙂 We've received countless emails for the list we have, and it is fair to say we have some of the biggest releases for C64.

      What hard core titles are you talking about, as we're always listening. If you have contact information it is even better, as it saves us a lot of time.



      • Anonymous

        Newcomer comes to mind

      • Peter


      • Khephren

        Have you licensed the kickstart ROMs then? they are still owned by Amiga inc I think.

      • Stuart Carnie

        Yes we have licensed the ROMs - all legit, just like C64

      • Slaine Maudsley

        You're using UAE (probably WinUAE), which is GPL code. Why are you breaking the licence and profiting from the work of others?

      • Eli Hodapp

        I don't think the GPL works how you think it works.

      • Stuart Carnie

        Slain, a common mistake of the GPL is that FREE = 0 cost, which is simply untrue. and take special note of what "Free Software" means:

        “Free software” is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer.”

      • Thi

        I think you need to read up on the App Store's incompatibilities with GPL:

      • Guest

        REALLY getting sick of the 'free speech v. free beer' comparison.  Still makes NO sense to me.  OS fanboys need a new hipster phrase to use.  thats all i'm sayin... otherwise i agree with you and congrats on the awesome apps!

      • Vít Šindlář

        You might want to know that the process of re-implementing the Amiga ROMs is ongoing and seems very close to be finished... see the AROS' Kickstart ROM Replacement projects (, resp. 6), you're welcome to join the efforts.

      • Stuart Carnie

        Thanks for the tip - I was talking to James Conwell on the weekend who also informed me of this project. I'll be glad to help where I can, though my knowledge of Kickstart is limited today 🙂

      • Vít Šindlář

        You might want to know that the process of re-implementing the Amiga ROMs is ongoing and seems very close to be finished... see the AROS' Kickstart ROM Replacement projects (, resp. 6), you're welcome to join the efforts.

      • Pckid

        Carrier Command Please. So in depth.

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah. That was a wicked game. One of the first Amiga games I ever played. I was total crap at it, but still loved flying those planes and driving those tanks ..right up until the point I was blown out of the air/water. 🙂

      • Emilio

        ROTK II
        Gettysburg: The Turning Point
        Empire: Wargame of the Century
        Bard's Tale
        Fire Brigade
        Ports of Call
        Reach for the Stars
        Silent Service
        Balance of Power

      • PS

        Samurai Warrior
        California / World Winter / Summer Games
        Ghostbusters II

    • Anonymous

      Huh? Complete lack of hardcore titles? Have you been *asleep* through the development of C64 on the iPhone? Look: The Last Ninja 1-3, Armalyte, Paradroid, Uridium, Wizball, Boulder Dash, Nebulus, International Karate, Cybernoid 1-2, Bruce Lee, Hawkeye, Iridis Alpha, Laser Squad, Space Taxi, Super Pipeline 1-2, Buggy Boy. These are some of the biggest and best titles the c64 had, ever. Many of them were the highest scoring games in Zzap64 (the c64 review magazine of the day) reviews ever.

      And already for the Amiga we have Defender of the Crown, IK+, Battle Squadron, and Xenon II as likely release titles. These are legendary games.

      Sir, you must hand in your retrogamer badge and joystick now. You have no clue what you're talking about.

      • Dahak

        Excuse me? There is not a single hardcore title among what you named. Where the hell is Bard's Tale? Where is Ultima? Deja Vu? Test Drive? Zak McKraken? Pool of Radiance? Legacy of the Ancients? These are hardcore games, even by current standards.

        I realize that a lot of what you named were very popular in Britain (hence your Zzap64 reference), but they are all (possibly excepting the Last Ninja titles) casual games. Honestly, if I grew up in a world where a ZX Spectrum was considered a viable games system, I'd probably think the same as you, so I'll spare you a personal insult retort.

      • Anonymous

        Hmmm.. maybe you should've given examples of what you consider "hardcore" to start with. You seem to mean games with depth or complexity - not hardcore as most people would understand it. To suggest Armalyte, Hawkeye, and International Karate aren't hardcore shooters, platformers, and fighters, is just so wrong. And what you consider casual covers 95% of 8-bit games! Why apply 21st century genres to 1980's games? Gaming has changed a lot over the years. If you consider all those titles "casual" then you're no retrogamer.

        Bards Tale, Pools of Radiance, and Ultima (especially III, IV, and V) were excellent RPG's. But they require manuals, reference sheets, much disk-swapping, and so so much *time* to play. How is this a good fit for mobile gaming? They'd be a nighmare to emulate in a user-friendly way. How would you handle the virtual games disks? The character disks? Access to the full keyboard? Access to the manuals? ..Even given the rights to them, I wouldn't make them a priority.

        hehe.. Britain? Bzzzzt! Not even close. Check Lemon64 if you don't believe how highly people rate the included titles globally. I picked Zzap64 because it was the best C64 review mag: three reviewers per game, in-depth reviews, specialist reviewers for Text Adventures and Strategy titles, copious cheats, and high-score lists. I suspect what you were into must have been *casual* review magazines. (See what I did there?) 🙂

        Haven't got past the ZX Spectrum flaming yet? I got over that when I was 12. :p I had friends with ZX Spectrums, Atari's, Amstrad's, and Apple II's. For the most part they weren't as capable as the C64. But they had their strengths. You've missed out if you didn't experience what those platforms had to offer.

      • Dahak

        The Speccy comment was half-hearted; my apologies for leaving off a smiley. 😉
        Spectrums and Amstrads were largely unknown here in the states during their successful periods. I only know about them from frequent travels to the UK in the '80s.

        Most 80's titles ARE casual titles. RPGs, point and click adventures, some text adventures and sports titles are likely the only exceptions. Hardcore has nothing to do with difficulty ("hard does not mean hardcore"), it has to do with depth and longevity of play. Until recently, there were no hardcore shooters, fighters, etc. I stand by the application of 21st century genres to 1980s games though, as (guess what?) it is now 2010. We may have to just agree to disagree on the definition of hardcore.

        The magazine that was popular among C64 users I knew (in the US) was Compute's Gazette. I searched an online index of that magazine and of the titles included, only Last Ninja and some form of Boulder Dash was ever reviewed. That said, I know from playing all of these games after the fact, I don't personally like any of them (Last Ninja again excepted, though it's control scheme is the bastard lovechild of Q*bert and HP Lovecraft). Gazette did review a lot of what I consider to be hardcore games though, and the people I associated with played these games.

        Where I agree with you (from your other posts, not "our" thread) is that emulation is not pointless. As an emulation enthusiast (I don't consider myself to be a retro-gamer) I think it is very important to keep games (and software) available in their original forms for people to know from where it all comes. I don't want Stu or anyone to be disheartened in that goal, regardless of my opinion as to current content.

        Besides, I am one of the lucky ones with iDOS, and can play most of my favorites to my heart's content (albeit in PC format). 🙂

      • TKO

        *sigh* Yer gonna insist on the use of hardcore and casual in weird ways aren't ya. :p ..anyway, back to more on topic: I reckon the choice of titles for C64 was pretty good. The current publishers/authors on the books for iAmiga looks promising too. Maybe this one would be a better fit for things like the Ultima games (with no disk-swapping. Yay!) ..and Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, etc (with mouse control.) With Xenon 2 already on the cards, I'm hoping Chaos Engine and Speedball 2 aren't far behind.

        Dammit. You got iDOS? I wasn't checking Touch Arcade often enough when that appeared. I got the NES and Spectrum emulators before they disappeared tho. 🙂

      • Dahak

        I wouldn't expect Maniac Mansion or Monkey Island as LucasArts develops for iOS (and Monkey Island 1 & 2 are already in the appstore). I imagine some decent games could make it in though, and various Cinemaware titles are a good start.

        Yep, I have iDOS. I wish I would have got Nescaline, but it slipped passed me. The funny thing about the iDOS... when I saw it on TA that morning I was thinking "what's i-d-o-s?" and ignored it for a moment. I then considered it could be a dos emulator and pulled up the description. I was still skeptical, but for a dollar, why not? Best dollar I ever spent. 🙂

  • Fsdf

    u can be sure you won't see "Shadow of the Beast" - any of the three parts as afaik Psygnosis kept the copyright to this game and Psygnosis was bought by Sony.

    • Anonymous

      {shrugs} ..It looked very pretty (the first one), but I never found it to be a fun game. A simple and unrewarding platformer. And the front-end was so damn unresponsive: waiting for music to fade out before doing anything. Frustrating.

      • DotComCTO

        The first Shadow of the Beast was a pretty, but extremely unforgiving game. I played it a lot when it came out. As for SotB 2, that just never lived up to the first iteration for me. That said, both games are quite difficult.

  • Adams Immersive

    Can’t wait (and hopefully for iPad too).

    Pac-Mac and Tetris have convinced me that swipe gestures can work great for non-analog joystick control, which means a lot of Amiga games could play very well!

  • Dyscode

    I Like the Idea, really! But have not the slightes inclination to buy my HUGE collection of Amiga Games AGAIN! I suck enough money down that drain. 😉

  • Frolo

    Emulation with just a few titles doesn't make sense to me.
    I would pay 50€ for an open Cydia - Version.

  • TFEccles

    Glad to hear something from Manomio again, I was wondering what happened to this. Needless to say, I can't wait.

    Wasn't there also some plan of using a controller with the C64 app? What's happening with that?

    • Stuart Carnie

      Yes, there is a hardware controller in the works by 22Moo - I'm working directly with them to ensure support for all our titles. More information here »

  • nickmorgs

    Turrican 2 and Wings on my iPhone. Fantastic !

  • Mister Mumbles

    Once again, real physical controls are needed here. While I thought their C64 emulator was a great effort the games were never meant to be played with awkward touch controls. Until we'll actually get such a working peripheral, I'll pass.

    • Stuart Carnie

      Manomio is working directly with 22Moo to add GameBone support, see here »

      • Ross Hudgins

        Kick ass...I can't deal with the touch screen d-pad...if developers (even just Manomio) support GameBone (or icontrolpad), count me in!

  • Anonymous

    They need to put all these emulator packages on the Playstation Phone when it comes out.

  • Batman

    Absolutely cannot wait for this. Will be able to SSH our own Amiga games into the emulator?

  • Stan Winstone

    That's just full of Win sauce.

  • lukwtwz

    Fat Agnus still shows up at the office halloween parties every now and then. Not my office, but someone else's.

  • laosquid

    No good without joystick, touch screen useless for these types of games.... iPad with a wifi controller seems more exciting though.

  • Eoghan Malone

    As a 36 year old, Amiga nut, I can tell you, there are hours of fun with an amiga emulator. My friend Paul directed me to this link.

    What is a hardcore title?

    The killing game show, beast I or II, x-out, star wars, IK+, speedball, robocop, ninja warriors, shadow warriors, rainbow islands, the new zealand story...

    Might just get an iPhone now...

  • Donkey_Mong

    A while back, I was Mr Retro, spent ages on MAME, Neo Rage, Atari ST emus, Amiga emus, etc. etc. However, I have got over it now and I don't really want to be fiddling around with genuinely old games (on my iPad) that were designed for hardware input, not a touch screen. I hate myself already for saying this, but if a small portion of the effort required to make functional versions of these old games was spent creating something new.... well, you know where I'm going with that.

    • Anonymous

      I don't get why you'd even say they should spend their effort on new stuff. If this was the Nintendo64, and there was one good game appearing every six months, then your advice might have merit. But this is iOS. There's a freaking *ton* of new titles appearing every week. There are *thousands* of the 'new' games you want available already, and very very few emulators.

      So yeah, these guys could stop their emulators, and disappear amongst the sea of regular iOS developers. What would be the point in that?

  • Luthur1964

    3 titles from FTL games: "DungeonMaster", "Sundog", "Oids" - if these were playable on my ipad - I would easily drop 20 bucks.

    • DotComCTO

      I'm definitely down with DM and Oids. That said, if you had managed to snag iDOS when it was available for like...10 seconds, you'd be able to at least play DM. 😀

  • Rick Baumhauer

    I'd LOVE to see "Killing Game Show" and "Speedball 2" - spent way too much time with both back on my A2000 that was ostensibly bought to house the original Video Toaster 🙂

  • mark

    Can in run demos up just loading up an ADF via iTunes or something like that?!?!

  • Scuba233

    Manomio, please also add AGA chipset emulation. Whereas there are numerous true classics on ECS Amiga platforms (i.e. the A500), I spent numerous quality gaming hours with an A1200 and the corresponding enhanced/exclusive games.

    • Stuart Carnie

      We'll make sure AGA is supported after the first version is completed

  • allFunkedUp

    Awesome news!, Moonstone: A hard days Knight please! ***froths at mouth***

  • DotComCTO

    Wings! One of my very favorite of the Cinemaware titles. Wow. I'd really love to play that again...on my iPad! 😀
    Actually, Sword of Sodan would be another great one to see on the platform. The Shadow of the Beast series is pretty hardcore in my opinion...that game was really unforgiving.
    Can't wait!

    • Anonymous

      Sword of Sodan was done by the same guys who did Hybris and Battle Squadron. So there might be a reasonable chance of seeing that. ..I think Hybris first would be only sensible though. The first quality vertical shooter for the Amiga, I think.

      I'd like to see Sword of Sodan, as it was one of the first Amiga games I ever played. But I won't hold my breath. ..I'm not sure it was a game of any note, and its disk-swapping was a nightmare. (Could be a pain for the emulator to handle.)

      • DotComCTO

        Yes. Sword of Sodan is very disk intensive and the disk swapping was a pain. That said, the game - at that time - was really impressive to look at (though the "unh" sounds of the attacks were pretty lame).

      • TKO

        Yes, the first time I ever played it I was on a one-drive system. The disk-swapping was crazy: "insert disk 2 .. now disk 3 .. now back to 2" wha? but you just *had* that disk! By the time I came back to it I had three or four external drives lying around. Was much better then.

        For some reason I thought the game was amazing when I first played it. Must have been those overdone sinusoidal wavy-effects when new screens slid into view. Coming back to it, the graphics and animation are a bit rough. ( And yeah, those sampled sounds did get annoying. ..I'd still buy it though. Out of nostalgia. 🙂

      • Mp

        Battle Squadron will come out this winter as an individual release. Hybris will follow soon after 🙂 Check out for details

  • Justin

    OMFG. I would seriously pay $100 if War in Middle Earth were made available for this. I still have the box on my shelf and it still plays great in my Amiga 500 though my monitor (the one it shared with my C64C) is really showing its age. 🙂

    • blakespot

      I had War in Middle Earth for the Amiga, but I never even played it, really. And it was before I found Tolkien. Was it a great game?

  • Ricardo Quesada

    Shadow of the Beast... what an excellent game!

  • xcaptainxhowdyx

    WINGS! I grew up with an Amiga 500, 500+, 1200 and CD32. Wings was my favourite game and I cannot wait to have it on my phone! this just made my week! ^_^

  • Pckid32

    Some of the awesome polygon games come to mind such as the awesome Carrier Command. Why no one expanded that game for modern computers and consoles is beyond me. Please say you will do Carrier Command and I'm assuming by your comment above we will have it for the iPad? I confess my PS3 is starting to gather dust. If they bring Airplay to games via Apple TV2 my PS3 goers in the Quokka.

  • Cheese_gromit

    id like to see Audiogenic's EXILE running in this emulator, one of my favourite amiga games of all time. EXILE on the amiga was a physics based exploration space type game with a little dude and a jetpack.

    Looking forward to this emulator.....

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah .. I forgot about Exile. The physics in that game made it better than your average jet-pack platformer. Make it the ECS/OCS version though. The AGA version had much larger graphic models, so the gameplay felt quite different - and not in a good way.

  • John Looney

    Would it be rude to ask for an Android version ?

  • Adam of Troy

    Marble Madness please... No story, just love, Marble Madness please.

  • Trexx_1

    Amiga STILL rulz! One thing wrong in the article....the Amiga was not a 16 bit system it was 32 bit. The Motorola 68000 series of processors were all 32 bit architecture. The AGA graphics chipset had a 16 bit data path width in much the same way as PCI cards do not have the full data path width as the host processor. Please get your technical specs right!

    • Anonymous

      {shrugs} We can nitpick about the 16 bit bus and 32 bit internals of the processor as much as you want - and the 68000 was an awesome processor. But the Spectrum/C64/NES/SMS were of the 8 bit era. The Amiga/AtariST/SNES/SegaGenesis were all of the 16 bit era. To put the Amiga in historical context, 16 bit is an appropriate description.

      Besides, with the importance the custom chips played in what the Amiga could do, I'm not sure there's much point in concentrating on just the CPU.

    • blakespot

      I'm quite aware of the architecture of the 68000. But, at least the way such things were termed way back when, the external data bus was where the designation came from. The Sega Genesis / MegaDrive was a "16-bit" system, yet it featured the 68000 which, indeed, has an internal 32-bit architecture. (Though, interestingly, the Super Nintendo *did* get away calling itself 16-bit, despite it using the 8/16-bit 65816.) Apple did a good job with their naming when the Macintosh rolled out, calling it "16/32."

      I wrote a letter to the editor to Retro Gamer magazing a few years ago that got published, noting this naming situation:

  • Simon Strandgaard

    Shadow of the beast, Turrican, Xenon, Hybris, Lotus, Supercars, Lemmings, Rick Dangerous.

  • Jason Mirk


  • luxsor

    think i saw battle squadron somewhere on the net running without amiga emulator. cope-com did it

    • Martin Pedersen

      Yes, that is correct. We are converting Battle Squadron to the iPhone. The video demo can be seen on

  • Bollieblauw

    What about Dynablaster, North vs South an Kick Off 2? Kick Off 2 is absolutely gorgeous in gameplay, although it might be hard to play on an ipod.

  • Bollieblauw

    What about Dynablaster, North vs South an Kick Off 2? Kick Off 2 is absolutely gorgeous in gameplay, although it might be hard to play on an ipod.

  • Dan_A.

    Wonder how many hours I played Sensible Soccer.. 🙂
    I Would pay whatever to get that on my iPhone, not to mention my iPad...!

  • timp

    North & South - IK+ - Connonfodder - Speedball 1+2 - Another World - Turrican 1+2

  • Opus

    Blood Money!

  • astralduck

    PLEASE ADD "MOONSTONE" - that game was super-fun.

  • John37

    Looks good, this will rock with the icontrolpad or the Gamebone.

    Any thoughts on how open this will be? I would pay a Premium if i could run any of my old games that i still have the originals for. Look forward to playing some of the classics on this emu
    Top games that come to mind are:

    Turrican 1&2 (a must please)
    Dune 2
    Sensi soccer
    Speedball 2
    Alien Breed
    Chaos Engine

  • Anonymous

    They need to talk to Psygnosis, those guys had every cool game on the Amiga that i can think of, like lemmings! that, i would pay big $$$ for.

    And doesnt it just SCREAM to be ported to the iPad??? the real estate is perfect.

  • lunytek

    Will this emulator support .adf files and hardfile images? so I can use my collection of disk images. Will it support the programs and utilities for the Amiga?

  • Jay

    Man, I watched like 12 minutes of that video just to get to Shadow of the Beast, and all you played was the intro. Grrr!

  • Ikikuru

    man Xenon 2 brings back memories, I had an Atari ST, but loved the music on the Amiga version! Oh the good old days.........

  • Myth

    Any news on when this is going to bed released ?

  • Jose

     I never owned an Amiga back in the day but I remember going to several computer shows and was impressed by the system. It would be fun to be able to play some of these games. Has there been any recent news regarding this project?

  • Johan Krüger-Haglert

    I already own two Amiga 1200 and one Amiga 500+, Tac IIs, The Bug, .. so tell me, why would I ever need this?

    Oh, and I don't have an iPhone or iPad and never will (more likely iPad but no, Apple suck.)