Crescent Moon and Galoobeth's upcoming epic RPG Aralon: Sword & Shadow hardly needs an introduction anymore. We've posted about the amazing history of the game in a previous post, later we provided some comparison screenshots that perfectly illustrated the insane transformation that Aralon was experiencing as the Crescent Moon team completely reworked every graphical asset of Galoobeth's initial game world. The most startling comparison came from the latest trailer which when viewed side by side by the original trailer generated enough interest to even get reposted on Gizmodo and countless other blogs (seriously, check it out if you haven't).

Today Crescent Moon sent us a full ten minutes of gameplay, narrated by their own Josh Presseisen, which covers everything from fighting to completing quests, and even eating some magical food you cooked to make your character levitate:

In addition, we've also got a ton of new details about the game. Aralon is going to be available for both the iPhone and the iPad, with a customized UI for each. It's also going to come bundled with Game Center for a slew of achievements and even some online leaderboards. It's even going to support fast-app switching and the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch.

Aralon will have over 30 hours of gameplay with over 60 unique locations to visit, along with 3 playable races (human, elves, and trolls). Playable classes include warriors, rogues, rangers, and mages, with each playing differently thanks to a unique set of special powers and abilities for each. Over 500 items in all are packed in the game to tweak out your characters'a appearance and arsenal. Oh, and if you like mounts, there's 4 of those to acquire and ride around. The depth of Aralon sounds crazy, as other things they've mentioned existing in this game include gathering skills, faction systems, dual wielding, lock picking, your own in-game house (complete with fields to farm) and all kinds of other crazy stuff.

It gets even better though, Crescent Moon plans on providing a bunch of post-launch support such as even more character customization and quests. A few of the examples they've given include quests to gain an animal companion to assist you for the rest of the game, and even helping to take down a massive orc fortress. Also, the housing and farming system is going to get fleshed out even further.

Aralon: Sword & Shadow will be released by Christmas, and we're still waiting to hear final pricing details.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible. Christmas can't come soon enough.

  • andrzej raczynski

    30+ hours of gaming and ipad support guarantees a buy from me.

    • Anonymous

      "Aralon is going to be available for both the iPhone and the iPad, with a customized UI for each."

      Does that mean separate apps or universal support?

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like separate to me. It's really the only way to customize both version, without making one huge app(1GB maybe?)

      • Leonick

        well if a universal would be 1gb the separate would probably be 900+mb each...
        The UI doesnt add that much, and now with the iphone 4 you can basically use the same textures for both the iphone and ipad (you would need lower res for older generation iphones and ipods though)

      • Breezen

        nope. they're developing with Unity, so they'll definitely release an universal app

  • Zoet

    That looks amazingly gorgeous, as well as fun to play. Great work!

  • monster

    Awww when I first read the title I thought there was news about Sword and Sworcery =(

  • Jim

    Lame!!! Stupid waste of time.

    Just kidding. Instant buy for me... Anything from these guys appears to be quality.

  • Hackmodford

    Okay... this looks like a real console quality Game! I haven't ever been this excited about iphone gaming (except when I tried epic citadel, but they dashed my hopes)

  • Howard

    Looks amazing! Josh and Russ keep on pushing the boundaries!!

    What devices will this run on? 3Gs and 4G or older as well?

    • Pooper

      It'll also run on 2G devices. πŸ˜€

    • Josh Presseisen

      Hi Howard,
      Its actually Jason from Galoobeth who is programming this game.
      I'm sort of the art funnel. Russ is taking care of Ultra Kid and other company related tech stuff at the moment. We have 2-3 other guys working part time now to help us finish this off. Mark Jones did all of the character work, most of the props, interiors, textures, and Voice over!

  • Chris Lee

    Looks toooo amazing!

  • E_Domina

    i thought the original video had waaaayyy better graphics and gameplay. The new one is too clear for me. It so realistic on the iPad, it burns my eyes.....

    Just kidding. This should be a pretty good game on release. Looking forward to it

  • UltiMatE

    It's just me who thinks those character animations are anything but quality?

    • tsharpfilm

      One of the reasons why I wasn't immediately enthusiastic about this game was because some of the animations and the fire effects were a turn off. But after seeing the amount of content they have planned, I think I can look past some of the rough edges.

    • Fret

      It's not just you, those animations are stuttering. But this is iOS we're talking about. I have yet to see a game with PSP-fluid animations on my iPod 4g. I mean, as long as a game is 2D it's ok, but once they move into the 3D "realm", something ain't right.

    • That Guy

      Show me a game with great human animations... If this is a deal breaker, you may as well just not get any 3d games on a touch device. Anyways... its still under development, they may just fix this.

  • Peter Mostoff

    Looks pretty amazing.

  • backtothis

    I don't care how much you're charging..I'm going to get this the second it's in the US appstore. Amazing job guys. Great work on a third epic game. In my mind, y'all are definitely the defining indie devs for the idevice. Keep it up.

  • Noman

    I am blown away, seriously. This is amazing, I can't wait for it to come out.

  • Magicmuesli

    Looks very impressive. What's the primary quest about? Anybody know?

  • 1337 h@><

    D1z t3H U3er 6@y

    • Chernobyl

      Stop. Just stop.

  • Walter

    I'm actually very 'meh' about this, because of the generic fantasy setting. My money is on The Shadow Sun, which looks like a far better game (what little we've seen of it so far.)


      But it's so good that so many great games coming to the iphone/ipad isn't it?

      • Bali12341

        could u please give me a list of which incredible games will come to iphone??

        as far i know: this, real race 2 , infinity blade...


        Well you forget Dungeon Hunter 2 from gameloft, and the mentioned Shadow Sun ofcourse.
        Plus there is a secret game in development Earth and Legend promise to be really impressive:

        I think that's already a lot of games for a non gaming platform.

      • Junk

        Non gaming platform? Come on, that was true 3 years ago, but now, I never take my PSP off the shelf. iPhone / iPad all the way.

      • LBG

        Real Racing 2
        Infinity Blade
        Shadow Sun
        Aralon: Sword and Shadow
        NFS: Hot Pursuit
        Dead Space 2
        NOVA 2
        Dungeon Hunter 2
        Battlefield Bad Company 2
        Jet Car Stunts 2
        Dead Rising

        Those are all the major 3D games I can think of (there's probably more that I forgot). And all of those games are supposed to be released Winter 2010 or Spring 2011. It's gonna be great πŸ˜€

      • Alienmario

        i suggest making a thread in upcoming games?can you?

    • Chernobyl

      What other setting should a fantasy story take place in? Also, I can't wait for your game to be submitted, when will that be?

  • Achy

    I couldn't help but notice the skill icons taken right out of WoW. Not a big deal, it just bugged me that a great indie developer couldn't come up with their own icons. If it means they get to spend more time on the content, then by all means, screw the icons.

    • Achy

      Looks great by the way. Pretty impressive.

    • Christopher M

      I'm certain they'll change the icons before release. No way they'd release with commercially-borrowed graphics; they have to be placeholder.

      • Josh Presseisen

        the icons were all made from scratch and are not WoW icons.

      • Achy

        Sorta sad someone from CM would say that...

    • Scott Colbert

      None of those are WoW icons.

      • Achy

        Oh is that so? Apparently neither of you know what you're talking about.
        Look at the second icon. It's the exact same one from slice and dice (rogue ability in WoW).
        Then look at the icon with a shoe with wings (when he opens the skill tree); exact same one as sprint (another rogue ability).
        WoW might not be the original game that came up with 'em, but they are in the game and that's all I was saying.

      • Jfitzpat

        Josh already said they were made from scratch. God get over it. And get a life.

      • Achy

        Good one. Get over it? Get a life? I honestly couldn't care less. I was simply pointing out. What bothers me is the fact he said they were made from scratch when they obviously are not.

      • merlinsbeards

        Apparently you care enough to continuously post despite the dev saying they were made from scratch.

      • Achy

        This is my last comment on this subject. I started caring when the dev said they were original even though they are NOT. And just because he said so makes him right? That's what I understand from your comment. Pathetic he lies about it.

  • lolwut

    I know this will be better than Infinity Blade. πŸ˜€

    • Quou

      different genres...I for one don't really have the time to put into a game like Aralon so Infinity Blade will definitely be a better game for me..but Aralon sure does look pretty good

  • Ovaltiney

    Don't normally bother posting things but that was amazing !

  • Anonymous

    Developers: once you accept a quest, does the icon change to something besides an exclamation mark? I noticed it stayed the same in the demo video...?

  • Danno Bonano

    Aralon, Shadow Sun, and Infinity Blade. We are going to be spoiled this Christmas!

  • Ljkiii

    Very "Oblivion-y". I'm there!

  • Dr Flopper

    2:38 - "I'm way levelled up, so I can kill anything. In about one hit". A fairly obvious assumption that you can make from this, if they haven't used some kind of levelling cheat, is that enemies don't scale to your level (as in Oblivion). Make no mistake, this is A GOOD THING.

  • Dr Flopper

    2:38 - "I'm way levelled up, so I can kill anything. In about one hit". A fairly obvious assumption that you can make from this, if they haven't used some kind of levelling cheat, is that enemies don't scale to your level (as in Oblivion). Make no mistake, this is A GOOD THING.

  • Adrian Fajardo

    This will be great, now I'll have something to do over those idle days in the winter.

  • Jonas

    The combat looks wholly underwhelming. Auto-blocking and a single button for simple hack and slash does not make for very interesting battle mechanics.

    Other than that, the game looks like it might be the most sophisticated gaming experience for iOS so far.

    • Josh Presseisen

      you forget that you have 10 slots on your toolbar to use different fighting abilities.

      • Jonas

        Nope. I had that clearly in mind, and still found the combat wholly underwhelming πŸ˜‰

        Without any requirements for timing (something that requires mechanisms for precision-based attacks, and enemies that actively try to evade attacks), and without any mechanics for manual blocking and evasion, manual attack is just a slightly more interactive but also slightly more tiresome version of the auto-attack functions found in most MMO:s, and in iOS titles such as Xenome.

      • Quou


        If they can make combat like in Demon Souls for PS3, which is pretty impossible, then we'll have like the most epic 3D RPG Action Adventure.

      • Jonas

        Yes, truly.

        Aralon seems to be the grand hope for a open and dynamic yet action-based RPG in these parts of the web πŸ™‚ Me, I'm placing the majority of my hopes in The Shadow Sun (

  • Paul Bergman

    how about some kind of cloud saving system? I want to be able to play on my iPhone and then when i get home I can continue playing on my iPad... That's one thing apple/game developers seems to have forgotten.

  • Fokion

    Please, please do something about the terrible character art and the stilted animation before it's too late.

    • whoyathink

      yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Rick
  • Cormacmacgib1

    will this be compatiable for ipod 2nd gen? i really,really,really hope it will be

  • Grimgrock

    How about setting up the iPhone/Touch as a controller and being able to control the game display on iPad similar to Chopper 2? That would remove some of the UI control scheme stuff from the iPad screen and thus increase quality. Chopper 2 takes it one more step and allows you to hook up the iPad to a TV and control the game from the iPhone/Touch while the game plays on the TV. It's not something I do myself but it is a great feature if you have the right cables.