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New ‘Aralon: Sword & Shadow’ Gameplay Video and Enough Details to Choke a Horse (Which You Can Then Ride in Game)

Crescent Moon and Galoobeth’s upcoming epic RPG Aralon: Sword & Shadow hardly needs an introduction anymore. We’ve posted about the amazing history of the game in a previous post, later we provided some comparison screenshots that perfectly illustrated the insane transformation that Aralon was experiencing as the Crescent Moon team completely reworked every graphical asset of Galoobeth’s initial game world. The most startling comparison came from the latest trailer which when viewed side by side by the original trailer generated enough interest to even get reposted on Gizmodo and countless other blogs (seriously, check it out if you haven’t).

Today Crescent Moon sent us a full ten minutes of gameplay, narrated by their own Josh Presseisen, which covers everything from fighting to completing quests, and even eating some magical food you cooked to make your character levitate:

In addition, we’ve also got a ton of new details about the game. Aralon is going to be available for both the iPhone and the iPad, with a customized UI for each. It’s also going to come bundled with Game Center for a slew of achievements and even some online leaderboards. It’s even going to support fast-app switching and the Retina Display on the iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod touch.

Aralon will have over 30 hours of gameplay with over 60 unique locations to visit, along with 3 playable races (human, elves, and trolls). Playable classes include warriors, rogues, rangers, and mages, with each playing differently thanks to a unique set of special powers and abilities for each. Over 500 items in all are packed in the game to tweak out your characters’a appearance and arsenal. Oh, and if you like mounts, there’s 4 of those to acquire and ride around. The depth of Aralon sounds crazy, as other things they’ve mentioned existing in this game include gathering skills, faction systems, dual wielding, lock picking, your own in-game house (complete with fields to farm) and all kinds of other crazy stuff.

It gets even better though, Crescent Moon plans on providing a bunch of post-launch support such as even more character customization and quests. A few of the examples they’ve given include quests to gain an animal companion to assist you for the rest of the game, and even helping to take down a massive orc fortress. Also, the housing and farming system is going to get fleshed out even further.

Aralon: Sword & Shadow will be released by Christmas, and we’re still waiting to hear final pricing details.