Late last month we covered John Carmack's announcement on the Bethesda Blog regarding his plans with future iPhone development. It turned out that he wasn't planning on making a full-blown RAGE port like we originally suspected when he demonstrated RAGE on the iPhone 4 at Quakecon, but instead is bringing a more iPhone-friendly game that takes place in the RAGE universe.

This game world is based on a post-apocalyptic future, following the Apophis asteroid smashing into Earth. (A plausible future, given there actually is an Apophis asteroid which at one time scientists believed had a 1 in 42 chance of hitting our planet.) In the full PC and console versions due out 9/13/11, you play as a member of the Eden Project, a government program that placed important members of society in underground "arks".

The goal of all this, much like the vaults in the Fallout series, is to be able to restore society after the nuclear (or in this case, asteroid) apocalypse. Unsurprisingly, the ark system doesn't work as well as was hoped. You are the sole survivor of your ark, and with all the other members of your group dead, you awaken to a very different future in a world that has long since forgotten about the Eden Project and the existence of the arks.

It isn't really clear whether you're playing as this same protagonist in Mutant Bash TV, but the basis of the iPhone game is that you are a contestant on a weekly game show where people are pitted against an onslaught of mutants to win fabulous prizes. It works well, and I'm sure I will appreciate it more once RAGE is actually released and I get more of the tie-ins with other elements of the RAGE world.

Mutant Bash TV plays surprisingly similar to DOOM Resurrection [$6.99]. The entire game takes place on rails, and even the controls are laid out similarly. Tilting controls the camera and your aim, and you have buttons to dodge, fire, switch weapons, and reload. The main difference is just how much faster everything is in Mutant Bash TV. Mutants pop up everywhere, and while you're dealing with them there are bags of cash to grab and bullseyes to shoot. Your overall performance is graded at the end of the level, at which point you can either move on to a new level or replay the last one for an even higher score. Four difficulty settings are included, ranging from easy (where it's seemingly impossible to die) to nightmare (which is incredibly difficult).

In the preview we were given, only the first level was playable, which takes place in the mutant tenements. These tenements look a lot like your typical broken down corridor-heavy graffiti-covered first person shooter level, but you hardly have time to look around at the scenery because there is no downtime. You're always either shooting or quickly moving to the next area.

The graphics of Mutant Bash TV are amazing, and really make me look forward to the future of iOS gaming. The demo we were given was on a 4th generation iPod touch, which consistently ran at a high framerate throughout all parts of the game we had access to regardless of how much was going on at once. Mutant Bash TV looks so good in motion that the screenshots barely do it justice, especially when you add the pixel density of the Retina Display into the mix. While you might notice some jagged edges or low resolution textures if you were to carefully analyze the screenshots on your computer, none of this is apparent at all when you're playing it.

I'm sure there will be people out there who are disappointed to find out that Mutant Bash TV is a first person shooter on rails, especially with the backlash we saw surrounding our DOOM Resurrection review. However, after playing the demo level over and over, I really thought that the automatic movement was basically exactly what I'd be doing if I was actually controlling my character. Instead I didn't need to have a third of the screen obscured working two virtual thumb sticks. In any case, due to the level design it doesn't seem like there's anywhere else you could go if you controlled your movement in Mutant Bash TV. Since this was just a brief demo, it's hard to get a real idea of what the rest of the game will entail.

It's incredibly exciting to see industry giants Id and Epic going head to head in releasing their next-generation graphics engines on the iPhone. Id's Mutant Bash TV should beat Epic's Infinity Blade to market, as currently Id is shooting for the end of November for the release of Mutant Bash TV. Meanwhile, Infinity Blade is still set for a vague holiday release. Pricing hasn't yet been released for Infinity Blade, but Mutant Bash TV is launching at 99¢ for non-Retina Display iPod touches and iPhones and $1.99 for Retina Display-equipped devices and the iPad. After being amazed by Epic Citadel [Free], looking forward to Infinity Blade, and now getting my hands on Mutant Bash TV, I can say with the utmost confidence that this is an incredible time to be an iOS gamer.

  • Me

    on fails

  • MicroByte

    Looks great and was surprised about the "on-rails" shooter gameplay, I had no idea. Still worth a chance if the gameplay is as good and frantic as stated. The graphics look good, but not really mind blowing. I guess you really have to see it in motion to appreciate it.

    With all of these advancements in graphics and details, better keep a charger handy!

    • Adams Immersive

      I really want to see an FPS with these graphics! This won’t be that game. But it may be a very good game of another type, so I won’t put it down for not being my dream! With good reviews, I’ll get it—because I do like Doom Resurrection.

  • Dendory

    Looking good, can't wait to try it out.

  • Amazed

    A technical marvel that looks like a four year old was cheated by only getting brown and grey in his Crayola box.

    • TimeLord

      you are right, I guess they should have thrown in some pinks and greens, maybe even a rainbow for you to cry over.

  • Grimgrock

    Interesting to note a separate download for non Retina iOS devices. Last I checked the only iOS device that has a retina display is iPhone 4 so which should you get? The iPad doesn't have the retina display.

    I guess what they mean is that it is a universal app for iPhone 4/iPad and a separate app for devices that aren't those two. Still, the iPad doesn't have a retina display.

    • Zach Williams

      The 4th gen iPod Touch has a Retina Display.

    • $300AShareMakesMeGrin>8-)

      The newest iPod Touch has a Retina Display.

      • Player 1

        Lol a link to Idk why but that almost seems like a diss. Perhaps I'm mistaken 🙂

    • tsharpfilm

      It feels like half the gaming community doesn't even know the 4th generation iPod touch exists... Lol. You rarely see it mentioned in reviews and game descriptions. I'm glad someone is finally putting us in their product description. I'll be getting the $1.99 version for my fancy-schmancy iPod retina display.

      • Grimgrock

        As an iPhone user since 1.0, it never even occurred to me that there is the iPod Touch. You are, of course, correct. The 4th gen Touch has a retina display.

        Still, pairing it with the iPad, which doesn't, is suspect.

      • tsharpfilm

        Lol. My comment was more of a general statement than a personal reply. If more developers and sites made mention of the 4th gen iPod touch with retina display, more people would know about its capabilities.

      • Travis Sitzlar

        It doesn't have a retina display, but it DOES have a higher screen resolution:

        iPad: 1024 x 768 (.78 megapixels)
        iPhone 4: 960 x 640 (.61 megapixels)

        Hence the higher price, since it, too, needs higher resolution artwork.

      • tsharpfilm
      • Jebby Deringer

        The Retina display is the high resolution/pixel density, that is what Retina is. The Touch doesn't have an IPS Retina display which allows better viewing angles and more accurate colour.

      • nizy

        Actually it is a HD version for iPad and retina screens, which makes sense given the similarity of resolutions. Also given that Carmack said it was almost double the size of the SD version, I think many people would be a bit annoyed at having to download and store an extra 700mb of data they have no use for.

      • Greg Feingold

        I don't think the 1400mb size we got was for this game... Considering it's a .99 on rails shooter. Iirc he was speaking of the more fleshed out game coming later.

  • gfxdaddy

    I for one have to admit that I wasn't a fan of Doom Res, and I'm sorely disappointed that this is going to be on-rails. I'm an old-school Carmack fan and just found Doom Res to be too much hand-holding. Great looking graphics but I don't think I'll be getting this. Hopefully Id will follow Epic and licence the engine out to other devs to put out games/apps.

    • Anonymous

      I feel the same way. Been a fan of id games since the original Wolfenstein, but I'm not really into rail shooters. I like that the engine is rendering in real time as it makes for a more satisfying experience, but there's something to be said about this style of gameplay when it can also be achieved by pre-rendered FMV games (like the old Area 51 arcade). I would like to utilize the realtime rendering by being able to move where I want when I want.

  • Rafael Sangiovanni

    As with any new bit of technology, it's an evolution. As iPhones (or really smartphones in general) become more powerful, we'll actually be able to play games of this graphical caliber in real time (and not just wander around Epic Citadel style). For now, even with the growing pains, things look/sound quite awesome.

  • Bryan

    Is there an option for touch controlled aiming?

  • jason

    Im sick of onrails shooters, as nice as this looks I'm disappointed its on rails; after walking around Epic Citadel Im really not interested in "Doom Resurrection 2.0"

  • Stan Winstone

    What's "awesome" about an on-rails shooter when there's way better 3D full freedom iOS games out there? That's just Carmack and his typical I can adapt an iOS game in a week's spare time mentality...

    • Greg Feingold

      Agreed... His uppity attitude towards the 'lowly' iOS platform annoys me, especially during his little ID seminar. Bragging about how quickly he can make this game does not make me want to give him my money, I don't care how much of relic he is...

  • NightHawk64345

    A dollar for an on-rail shooter is just fine, but 6.99 (Doom Resurrection) is too much, so if for some reason in the future they decide to raise the price, they better take it off the rails.

  • Alex

    Ok, I pass. Can't stand railshooters. If they confirm Epic's game to be a "rail RPG", I'll stick with less good looking games for the times being.

    • Tom - mooedia

      Im with you on this one. On the railshooter's have never appealed to me. Wont be purchasing this one (even tho it does look good)

  • loempiavreter

    Big fan of rail shooters but not so much of FPS so I am glad :D. While it might not be half as fun and good as an actual lightgun in your hands, I still like these type of games on Iphone.

  • Noman

    I also am a bit dissapointed that it is on-rails shooter. However, you have to look at it for what it is: First, I'm certain it's gonna be a blast to play, it looks great and I have confidence that it will be fun and frantic and certainly worth a buck. Second, it's a technical landmark that will almost certainly lead to bigger and better projects in the future.

  • Crish

    "Onrails" -"3...2...1...and out!"

  • EastsideStompers

    I thought Doom Res worked well. It had me on the seat of my pants, and managed to achieve a savvy control solution to FPS's on the iDevice. That said, Gameloft have convinced me recently - with their most recent MC2 outing - that full free roaming on the iDevice is not only possible, but is an absolute breeze and joy to play, and not something to shy away from. It certainly makes fiddling around with a stylus on the DS (Metroid Prime Hunters, Moon et al) look and feel positively archaic (thank God the 3DS will have an analogue stick!). This game will surely be fun, but I can't help wondering, possibly prematurely, how much more fun it would be with the tried and tested free roaming we have seen work so well now.

  • phucko

    Oh yea an incredible time to be an iOS gamer. Bring on the rail shooters! What a joke

  • Rocco Menzel

    Doom Res grew old extremely quickly, it was quite some fun for the first time, but then it felt more like watching a movie than playing a game. Not biting a second time.

    • swarmster

      Considering this is a sixth to a twelfth the cost of a single movie ticket, your argument makes it sound absolutely worth it.

      • Rocco Menzel

        I'm not mentioning the price at all, about this I really don't care (never didn't buy a game because of the pricing), it's just a bit lame, that they won't pull off something, the (vast) majority is eagerly waiting for and won't get again with this or Infinity Sword. We are all spoiled by Epic Citadel, you know? Teasing us with a piece of chocolate and then serving us a potato... tasty too, but not what we expected 🙂

      • Eli Hodapp

        I think the "vast majority" are just looking for a fun game, which this is.

      • Rocco Menzel

        You don't have to explain your position aka love for ID's on-rail shooters, we know it since Doom Res 🙂 But it's always fun to see, that you won't tolerate someone's hoping for a good FPS after getting teased in this direction. Rage could also be a fun tennis game, for sure, but I don't want a tennis game.

      • nizy

        Did it ever occur to you that id isn't making games solely for you? They make games for the majority of users - maybe you are outside the majority of the average app store consumer?

      • Namegoeshere

        I don't think he is outside the majority. The reason Gameloft has been so successful is because they make console quality type games. On rail shooters are fine for little kids or casual gamers but they usually don't buy these type of games to begin with. If it is anything like Doom Res then this game we have almost zero replay value.

      • Doctorexploitation

        Euhm yes hardcore gamers do buy them, especially the ones with a bit of arcade upbringing 😉

  • tsharpfilm

    As long as it's fun and challenging, it shouldn't matter whether or not it's on-rails. I can't remember the last on-rails game I played, but I'm willing to give this one a try.

  • Mwhite67

    Rail shooter=FAIL

  • John Carmack

    I was painfully aware of the limited replayability of Doom Ressurection, and Rage has none of the things that irritate you going through a second (or twentieth) time.

    Playing on the harder difficulty levels, you are more than fully engaged just dealing with shooting things and managing reloads and item pickups. It probably isn't the play experience that you are expecting from a "rail shooter". Note that unlike Doom Resurrection, you do pan the view around while aiming, rather than moving the crosshair on a controlled view.

    We made a mistake putting the demo build together last week, and all the environment textures on the Touch Arcade build are standard definition, not the high definition ones. It looks great in either case, but the world is twice as crisp with the HD texture sets.

    • Ivan Dergachev

      Gyro + 360 view panning could make it almost an AR experience. And can you please make some screens with HD textures for us gamers to compare while we're waiting for the release? )

    • Scott Colbert

      wow. If that's standard definition in the screenshots, can't wait to see the retina display. Either way, it's from Id, and an auto buy.

    • Andiron

      Well, I'm still excited. Been a fan of id games for years. Where I would have wished for more free roaming my larger concern is if there is anything you may have found in the current generation of iDevices that is perhaps a limiting factor that is preventing free roaming or if it was more of a design decision? I hope it was a design decision and if you can move the view around like you're saying then that removes a good bit of my reservation about an "on rails" or "partially on rails" game experience. And for $.99 and $1.99 I'm sure it will be a blast.

      • Andiron

        And what I mean by a limting factor in free roaming on iDevices I am meaning with the RAGE engine and the platform's resources - that is, if it would simply overdo even an iPhone 4 or iPad to have the graphical goodies from the RAGE engine and be able to render the scenes fast enough to allow full free roaming. I'm not suggesting that free roaming can't be done on these devices or even with this engine - but rendering a fully 3D environment with lighting and keeping up with actors and other dynamic objects (and perhaps dynamic lighting) could be a bit much.

    • tsharpfilm

      $1.99 for the best looking on-rails shooter in the app store, with gameplay designed by ID, a company who knows the definition of fun... Sold!

    • Buklau

      Gameloft can make good FPS controls but you can't wtf?

    • Steve Lang

      Apparently John Carmack actually posts in a TA thread with a thoughtful response, and no one thinks this is noteworthy?I will give this one a chance. I think being able to pan around while aiming is at least a good potential evolution from DR.

      • AIM UAE

        Agreed. Easy to bash something without trying it first. I will also definitely give this one a try.

    • Silentcorp

      First off, thanks for taking the time to develop for iDevices John, been a huge fan of yours for many many years.

      I think many of us were just hoping (wishing) that you would wow the world with a full on FPS for the iPhone/touch. I like that you are pushing the "on rails" genre a bit with the panning screen ect, and will certainly get this game on release (price point is looking REAL nice!)

      Any idea if/when you and your team may try a more "full fledged" shooter with this new engine? I love the controls you made for the original Doom, and wish other shooters had such "buttery smooth" controls!

      Do you ever look at competitors games (such as GameLofts Modern Combat series) to see what can be done, or is being done currently?

      Are the enemies in this new game going to be random or will the experience be similiar every new game?

    • Carmack is losing it

      What about multiplayer? Oh i'm, sorry it's a rail shooter. My mistake

      • tsharpfilm

        Not every game needs multiplayer. And for $1.99, you're getting plenty already.

  • Ivan Dergachev

    Low-poly models look so... low-poly 🙁 Especially weapons. I was hoping for a new level of detail, but this looks like a slight evolution of gameloft's engine they use in every title.

    • Silentcorp

      Your eyes are broken if you think this is a "slight evolution" from GL's games. It's a night/day difference really.

  • EzeKiel

    One of the best looking games on the idevices and EVERYTHING a idevice fan would love to see. And for the people who are complaining because of this being on rails: people...shut it. This is how we like our games here, good looking and zero content. That's how we roll.

  • Howard

    I can't stand on-rails shooters! I was surprised DoomRes was an on-rails to be honest! I doubt I'll be playing this one!

  • andrzej raczynski

    1.99 and ipad support for a quality game = bought.

  • x999x

    Truly disappointed with the "on rails" aspect, and trying to cover it up with more things to tap on screen doesn't really float my boat. Look, I've been an id junky since I was buying Wolfenstein on 3.5" disks, and I'm scratching my head as to why the company responsible for FPS still can't get the controls right on any of their iOS games. I buy them just to support you guys in the hopes you'll make more with real controls at some point, hell, i don't even play them. Honestly, FPS on iOS has been like steering a car with your feet, in that it can be done, but its not the best option. That is to say until Gyro came out, and it pains me to say that no company has implemented it better than Gameloft. I'll buy Rage to support further development by id, in the hope we get an fps the fans have been waiting for, as this is yet to be another one that misses the mark.

    • tsharpfilm

      I'll be honest... I would have rather spent $9.99 on an awesome FPS with Call of Duty: Zombies controls than $1.99 on a rail shooter. However, I'm willing to give this game a chance. ID knows how to make a good time. And compared to the other $0.99 and $1.99 games out there, this one really stands out. I look forward to hitting the buy button on this at the end of the month.

      • x999x

        I understand, and id are ingenious when it comes to making games. Its just been a real head scratcher as to the reasoning why they've opted to do what they did their classic and new franchises. I'll continue to buy to support id, and cross my fingers Quake comes out and gets the Nova/MC2/BIA2 treatment in the controls department.

      • tsharpfilm

        I see your point. And considering all the backlash over the last rail shooter, why would they make another one? To save money? If a game is good enough, people will spend more than $0.99 for it. Spider-Man and Modern Combat 2, both priced at $6.99, are sitting comfortably in the top 30 right now. And even though dual stick controls kind of suck, most iGamers don't seem to mind them.

      • Eli Hodapp

        The "backlash" didn't really exist anywhere outside of blog comments and forums. Doom Resurrection spent a ton of time on the best selling list.

      • x999x

        Take a look in the appstore comments, you'll see the first two "most helpful" reviews are direct backlashes at "on rails"

        There is a world outside of TA 😉

      • Eli Hodapp

        My point was that clearly for Id and Escalation Studios Doom Resurrection was a success despite a vocal minority of people who were disappointed that it was on rails. It sold well, it was reviewed well by the gaming press, and a ton of people liked it... Even though the two "most helpful" reviews disagree.

      • x999x

        Just stating that yes indeed there was "backlash" that didn't only exist in the forum and blogosphere.You can see it right on page one of the app's reviews which have been voted up to their top seeded placement. We're talking "backlash" here, not commercial success in the appstore, of which has also been achieved by fart apps and talking birds -.-

      • me

        You are just wasting your time trying to explain to him. He clearly has his mind already made up. I wish ID would copy Gameloft's FPS controls.

      • tsharpfilm

        If I were a developer (which at once time, I was), I'd want as little backlash as possible. Although many people can tolerate rail shooters, I know very few who actually prefer them.

  • Buklau

    On rail, screw this!

  • torsktunga

    Hm.... I actually think Epic Games upcoming title looks more impressive both graphically and conceptually. Sure, it looks pretty good, but not as smooth as what Infinity Blade looks like to be. And on-rail is not my thingy sadly. But I will get it anyway for the graphics, sure.

  • G-unit-14

    when is this out?

  • Zisano

    i think that john is not as good as he seems to be if his games are not fun to play.
    games on rails are not a huge step for the iphone
    i hope jhon will see this iam very very very disappointed you promised a good and fun but if its on rails it must suck

    • Scott Colbert

      Dumbest comment yet, and that's saying something.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah we have to remember there are lots of Touch users who are children. Nothing wrong with that, but they're not gonna be receptive to cogent argument.

        Certain things work better on a small touchscreen and some work better on bigger devices. That a software house recognises this is very good for the platform.

        Just porting hard to control and laggy versions of full games would be worse and all those griping about on rails would be the first to complain if 'full' games didn't work well on iOS

        not all the kids will appreciate this...

      • Someone

        Wait a minute, on rail shooters are more for kids. So, why wouldn't they like it? After playing games like NOVA and Modern Combat an on rail shooter just doesn't sound fun. I think we are all spoiled by the games that Gameloft makes. Gameloft has proven that FPS can work really well on an handheld device like iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

    • Silentcorp

      John Carmack does not write the games, just the engines. He has little to no involvement with the actual games themselves, simply the technology that runs them.

      Simply put, the man is a coding genius, even a savant. His hobby when not coding games is literally rocket science. Literally.

    • gfxdaddy

      That is truly a dumb comment--probably dumbest comment I've ever seen on any gaming-related board. Do you know who Carmack is ???

  • Zisano

    everybody wait for nova 2

  • tober

    on rail?

  • tober

    ...but pressing the reload button at the right time is still very exciting!

  • Francesco Pacchioni

    On rail... I can't belive. 🙁

  • O_o

    WTF, why is the iPhone 4 version more expensive?

    • Anonymous

      Oh no, it is .99 cents more. AHHHHH!!!!

      • O_o

        But the question is why. There is no additional work for id software.

  • Grant Butler

    On rails kills it for me.

  • Tikicobra

    It sounded awesome until I read that it's on-rails.

    I'm not going to pay a dollar just for good looks. I like substance in my games.

  • Silentcorp

    Count me in with the "on rails = crap" side of the fence. I'll prolly still get it at that price point, but for me it's simply going to be a tech demo.

    On rails games just aren't exciting in any way for me, it's fancy target practice where all you need to do is get the reticle in the right location. For me, first person games are fun because it's target practice alongside navigation, take either one out and I'm completely not interested.

    Too bad, Carmack is usually the one that leaves me full of hope that a "real" FPS can be released on the iDevices! On rails seems like a giant cop out.

  • Gospel9

    If you want to play FPS, there's plenty in the appStore. FPS games are so boring and tiring to play on the iPhone (vs playing on your computer). Rail shooters are welcome here!

    Doom Resurrection was a blast to play, how many of you finished the game in hard mode?

  • renderman

    I was hoping that controls will be something like in nova or modern combat (gyro+one stick+ fire button) I like Carmack games but this is fail for me 🙁

  • wtf

    maybe they're already working on a onrail-racer.

  • helium


  • drone9

    sounds great. can't wait.

  • E_Domina

    hmmm. on rails? i was expecting it to be free movement

  • Matthew L.

    At £1.23, I'll still get it, but the on-rails side of it just killed a LOT of the interest from me.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Being on rails just completely lost my sale. It looks gorgeous, but so did Doom Resurrection and I hated that, too. What the hell, Carmack? You make an engine this ground-breakingly gorgeous and don't even let us explore it as we wish? To hell in a bucket with that.

    • Me

      At lleast we still have Epic's game and engine to look forward to.

  • Victor Leichner

    Well... I was interested in this game. It's just been one bad thing after another. First they say it's going to be a minigame of the fullgame, then they say it's going to be some game show bs, and now it's on rails. Way to go Id. Now I'm not even remotely interested.

  • O_o

    @Toucharcade: Does the whole screen move when you look around (I hope so) or just the crosshair?

    • othello

      The whole screen moves. Read John Carmack's comment.

      • O_o

        That's good news.

  • Anonymous

    I'd really rather they make another low tech step tile game like Doom 2 RPG and Wolfenstein RPG (maybe one based on Rage) than some boring rail shooter that exists just to demonstrate some technical capabilities. I just don't care how far they can push the graphics on a device. Having a game with richer gameplay and a specific, well developed visual style is so much better than a cop out game with "limit pushing" visuals.

  • Phil Baxter

    Doesn't actually look as pretty as I was expecting. Textures are low-res and there's no normal or specular mapping.

  • Thelastpixelartist

    SMASH TV in 3D! 🙂

  • O_o

    This could be the first rail-shooter I ever buy.

  • O_o

    One more Question. Will there be Gamecenter support? I hope so!

  • gfxdaddy

    Tell the truth I am starting to get annoyed by some of the comments here but realize I have to take another TA member's advice and realize that a lot of other members here are kids and obviously have little clue who John Carmack is. The man is a gaming-legend and is almost single-handedly responsible for birthing the modern FPS genre as we know it and--along with Epic--has pushed 3D gaming advancements for over a decade. Call of Duty, Halo, even Epic's original Unreal may not have existed if not for games like Doom, Quake et al. Just because I am not planning on buying an on-rails shooter doesn not mean I do not recognize that John could blow us out the water if he chose to. If he doesn't choose to then that's his (or any developer's) prerogative--they don't owe you anything.

    It's cool to state why you won't buy a game or to say you're disappointed--but to insult a dev or their abilities just because they don't include a feature you want? That's beyond retarded.

  • DonkeyKick

    I like how every little kid is dissing John's work and whatnot; while every adult is kissing his ass.

    • gfxdaddy

      It's not kissing ass, it's giving respect where it's due--not just to John, but to any developer who deserves it. And read again where I say:

      "If he doesn't choose to then that's his (or any developer's) prerogative--they don't owe you anything"

      I'm speaking of developer's in general, not just Carmack. Grow up.

  • DonkeyKick

    I don't want to grow up, I want to be a Toys R Us kid!

  • Korpil

    Hmmm... I disliked Doom Revolutions a lot... much of the fun of FPS is going around exploring everywhere and managing your ammo/health

  • Flindsey91

    Would have probably loved it if it would down load from iTunes.

  • Mtzfire

    Yes I'm going to stray from these kids.
    -You all seem to think games are made "just for you," like toys or something. You forget what a good game really is, and more importantly, it's Very stupid to critique a game when you haven't even played it.
    -In other words, the game is good, it's graphics are great, and this Rail-shooter is packed with more action than any FPS game I've played on the iphone. It's graphics may have been downsized, but that's because the little device can't handle full-out HD, like people may think... remember it's a little weak computer compared to a gaming PC.
    -Great game, hope to see more of it. As for Rail-shooters, they're great. If you don't like them, Clearly you never played the arcade game "House of the Dead" and I pity you.

  • Mortiboy

    Do not buy this f***ing on-rail shooter
    There is no Action and too less change in it.

    If you want to play a great iphone shooter: buy black pegasus!!

  • Mortiboy

    I think carmack is a legend... But not in the iphone.

  • Mortiboy

    Sorry! ON iphone

  • woodworking ebooks

    Looking good, can't wait to try it out.