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John Carmack Demos ‘Rage’ on iPhone at QuakeCon 2010

This afternoon at QuakeCon, John Carmack surprised everybody by pulling out his iPhone 4 and running a demo of id Software’s upcoming title Rage. Rage is an upcoming console and PC title that has been in development for the last few years, and is a brand new IP from id. It will be a mixture of first-person shooting and driving, set in a post-apocalyptic world similar to something like the Fallout series.

Rage for iPhone uses the same id Tech 5 engine that they are using to build the console versions of the game, and the demo is quite possibly the most impressive looking graphics we’ve ever seen running on the platform. Carmack states that there will be one Rage title released this year as sort of a “show off” game for what is capable, with a more full fledged Rage game to be released next year to coincide with the console release.

Check out the video demonstration from the QuakeCon keynote over at Kotaku to see for yourself how impressive Rage looks running on the iPhone.  The game runs at a solid 60fps on an iPhone 4, but Carmack states that the game will be able to run well even on an original iPhone and up.  This is exciting news, and we’ll be looking forward to hearing more information on these upcoming Rage titles, as well as whatever else id may be cooking up for the iPhone, in the future.

Update: Much better video showing the smooth framerate.