954996_4Our podcast had a couple of weeks off with the holidays and some difficulties in coordinating an international guest, but we're back this week with a Year of 2009 roundup episode.

We invited David Kalina and Randy Smith of Tiger Style Games to join us on this week's podcast. Of course, since their game Spider Secret of Bryce Manor was one of our favorite iPhone games in 2009, they seemed a natural fit for the show's theme. After our interview with them, we had everyone pick two of their favorite games in 2009 to talk about.

Tiger Style Games

David's Picks

Randy's Picks

Blake's Picks

Eli's Picks

Arn's Picks

Everyone had a hard time narrowing down to only 2 games each to talk about. We will be organizing our formal TouchArcade Best of 2009 picks which should be coming soon.

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  • TGR

    I just knew Eli would pick Canabalt and Hook Champ.

    • MrMuesli

      I personally had my money on Enviro Bear; )

  • Yffum

    Soosiz is definitely an amazing game. I wish it had more publicity. If they advertised it a bit more it would be the number one app.

  • Billy

    My vote is on Flight Control.

  • Lukeb

    It's always cool to know to that the devs aren't just the presidents of the gaming community, but are also members.

  • TGR

    No love for Real Racing?

  • http://Gotw.wordpress.com Edd

    Whilst it is fair, broadly speaking, to credit 'Flight Control' with the creation of the line-drawing genre, I think for posterity it's worth noting that 'Legend of Zelda - Phantom Hourglass' had an interesting line-drawing mechanic in it's asymetrical multiplayer (revisited to weaker effect in the main quest of spirit tracks). It's a use of line drawing I'd like to see explored more iPhone games. Are there any that use line drawing more akin to the ds zelda games?

  • Iceburg

    In the last few minutes while discussing Flight Control they mentioned another game that sounded like "Boomer Gate" can anyone clarify the true name of that game please?