Steam Link’s New iOS Update Adds Xbox Series X Controller Support and More

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Steam Link (Free) for iOS and Android has gotten a ton of updates since it launched. These updates have added full keyboard and mouse gameplay, rumble on iOS 14 for Xbox One and the PS4 controllers, and more recently PS5 DualSense controller support following the release of iOS 14.5. Today’s Steam Link update finally adds support for the Xbox Series X|S controller but it also includes an FPS-style control option for mouse gameplay. I did a quick test with Ys IX: Monstrum Nox on Steam to see whether it lets me use the new Xbox Series X|S controller share button for screenshots and it worked as shown below. I’ll try it more this week once I connect a LAN cable to the laptop and actually tweak the graphics options in-game again.

If you’ve not tried Steam Link yet, you can download the app on iOS here and on Android here. If you missed our initial hands on with Steam Link, check it out here. If you’re on iOS 14.5, here’s my new controller buying guide covering the PS4, Xbox One, PS5, and Xbox Series X controllers and whether you should upgrade to a better controller to play on iPad or iPhone. Have you used Steam Link recently and what controller do you use when you stream games on iOS or iPadOS?

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