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‘NieR Reincarnation’ Will Have a ‘NieR Automata’ Crossover Event When It Launches Later This Month Globally

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The NieR spinoff game NieR Reincarnation (Free) from Square Enix is finally set to release internationally later this month following its original Japanese launch on iOS and Android. If you’ve not kept up with NieR Reincarnation, it was originally revealed at the 10th anniversary livestream. The localized release of NieR Reincarnation is getting a full English dub as revealed before. Today, Square Enix revealed that the international launch will include a NieR Automata crossover event. So far, more than 500k people have pre-registered for NieR Reincarnation on iOS and Android. Watch the new NieR Reincarnation crossover event trailer below:

The NieR Reincarnation crossover event with NieR Automata includes crossover characters like 2B, A2, and 9S as shown in the video above. NieR Reincarnation launches on July 28th outside Japan on iOS and Android. WHile it was previously only confirmed for North America, Europe, and Korea for now, it has gone up for pre-order in more regions like India so check out the iOS link to see if it is launching in your region. You can pre-order NieR Reincarnation on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. NieR Reincarnation is free to play with in app purchases and pre-registration reward tiers include the in-game currency Gems. Have you tried NieR Reincarnation through its Japanese release or were you waiting for the global release?

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