The New ‘Steam Link’ Adds Support for Keyboard and Mouse Functionality, Music Playback While Streaming, and More on iOS

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Valve has been great at updating Steam Link (Free) on iOS with fixes and new features ever since it launched. A lot of people didn’t think the app would actually make it to the App Store after the whole rejection drama thank to Apple. Each month, Valve has been adding new things to the app and improving how it feels on iOS. Today, Valve pushed out an update that added keyboard and mouse support for iOS 13.4, the ability to play music in the background while streaming, and more.

While iOS 13.4 added support for mouse support on iOS, the implementation on Steam Link right now is direct control. A specific input style matching FPS games isn’t available as of now. While you use the app, volume from other apps will be lowered as well. I’m interested to see if Valve manages to add accurate mouse and keyboard support for all sorts of games here. People will definitely get more use out of the app on iPad with that. If you missed our initial hands on with Steam Link, check it out here. Do you own a Steam Controller or do you use a PS4 or Xbox One controller on iOS?

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