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‘Botworld Adventure’ is an Open World RPG with a Dash of ‘Pokemon’ from the Makers of ‘Rodeo Stampede’

I am convinced I’m simply living in a time warp because some how, some way, it has been 5 years since Featherweight Games launched their colorful endless runner Rodeo Stampede. And while that game is currently celebrating that anniversary with a special in-game event, Featherweight has also reached out to talk more about what else they’ve been doing for the past 5 years besides supporting Rodeo Stampede with a near constant flow of updates. The answer to that is a new game called Botworld Adventure, and its elevator pitch is that it takes inspiration from both Pokemon and World of Warcraft where you’ll have a massive world to explore and gather resources in order to build and upgrade your stable of bots that you can then command in arena battles against other peoples’ bots.

Botworld Adventure will feature “12 unique zones with natural elements overtaking the crumbling relics of a lost civilization" and it’s through exploring these zones that you’ll collect scrap and encounter dangerous enemy bots. When you’re not out exploring you’ll call the town Scavenger’s Landing your home and it’s here where you’ll meet and interact with numerous colorful characters and start your own business with the intention of putting together the strongest team of bots and dominating the local tournament scene.

As for the actual combat, your team of bots have their own AI and will largely fight their own battles with you as the “Botmaster" able to support them using special abilities in real-time. The developers note that it’s very similar to the Auto Chess variants that have exploded in the past couple of years, but that they actually developed this style of combat well before the Auto Chess boom and that battles in Botworld Adventure “are much more dynamic, using the 360 degrees of the battlefield to its full extent, feeling more like a group fight in DOTA than two armies marching into each other." When the game launches there will be 30 different bots each with their own unique abilities and talent trees, with many more bots planned for the future.

Speaking of launch, Botworld Adventure is currently in soft launch on both iOS and Android devices. If you want to check it out early you can find the soft launched iOS version in the Aussie App Store here and the Early Access Android version on the Google Play Store here. The global launch is pegged for Q3 of this year and a more specific date will be coming soon.