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Feral Interactive Showcases the New Group Panel Feature for the Redesigned Interface for ‘Company of Heroes’ on iPad

After teasing an unannounced port for iPad, Feral Interactive’s dolphin tease ended up being a port of the classic Company of Heroes. The real-time strategy experience that has been developed by Relic entertainment over a decade ago for PC is coming to iPad this year. Another SEGA classic joins iOS thanks to Feral Interactive and many fans of the genre consider this a true classic. Watch the trailer for the iPad version below:

Company of Heroes has fast paced gameplay and an intuitive interface is key for this when transitioning to touchscreens. Feral Interactive just revealed a new Group Panel interface feature. This is for the iPad interface redesign and it lets you drag and drop units into groups to issue commands together. This panel lets you sort by various criteria like vehicles or engaged combatants for issuing commands. Check out a GIF of it in action below:

In terms of feature set at release, Feral Interactive confirmed that multiplayer will not be available initially. Company of Heroes releases this Autumn for iPad. Check it out on Steam here. Have you played it before?