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‘Cookies Must Die’ is the New Game from ‘Dragon Hills’ Developer Rebel Twins

There are certain developers that have earned a reputation over the years by releasing such high quality games that anytime they’re working on something new, no matter what it is, my ears instantly perk up. That is the case with Rebel Twins, whose previous releases include the awesome Dragon Hills games, Aliens Drive Me Crazy, and Daddy Was A Thief. They’ve begun teasing their next game, and it looks like their most outrageous one yet. Everybody is always worrying about the robot uprising, right? Like if a computer-controlled missile factory suddenly went nuts and launched the nuclear apocalypse. But what about the more innocuous computer workers of the world? Like, say, the computer that controls a cookie factory? If that thing suddenly went nuts and started creating killer mutant cookies, then those cookies must… die, right? Right! And that’s the premise behind Cookies Must Die.

In Cookies Must Die you’ll play as Jack who is “a super-secret agent with special powers implemented to his body by government scientists!" and you’ll need to fight back against the mutant cookies and their bosses before they destroy the entire city. It’s like some crazy Jason Bourne stuff but with more cookies. As I said before, anything by Rebel Twins is worth getting excited for, and Cookies Must Die looks to be no exception. If all goes according to plan it should be arriving at the beginning of next year, so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one leading up to that point.