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‘Company of Heroes’ iPhone and Android Gameplay Showcased Ahead of Release This Week

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Company of Heroes ($13.99) for iPad is something we’ve been covering for a while now across its original announcement to the delay and the eventual release for modern iPads this year. Feral Interactive brought Sega and Relic’s RTS classic to iPad in a brilliant way. Read my review of the iPad version here. Feral Interactive confirmed an iPhone and Android version of the game as well and recently announced a release date for the highly anticipated mobile version. Today, the company has showcased iPhone and Android gameplay for Company of Heroes ahead of its release this week. Watch the video below showing off the interface on smaller screens:

I’ve been playing Company of Heroes on iPhone 11 and it has been superb so far. I’ll have more impressions when the game is out on September 10th. If you’re on iOS, Company of Heroes will be updated on iPad to go universal so you get the iPhone version for free if you own it on iPad. You can buy Company of Heroes on iPad on the App Store for $13.99. For Android, you can pre-register here on Google Play. Supported iOS and Android devices for Company of Heroes are here. Check out our forum thread for it here. Have you played Company of Heroes on iPad yet?

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