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‘Cat Quest 2’ Gets New Trailer and Release Date on Steam, Mobile Release Window Still Unknown

You could say we’re pretty big fans of Cat Quest ($4.99) from developer The Gentlebros. We loved this breezy action RPG in our original review, gave it our Game of the Week award when it launched just over two years ago, and had it as our runner-up for our Game of the Year 2017 pick. Cat Quest originally launched on desktop alongside the iOS version, and was ported to Android about a month later, and then was brought to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 a couple of months after that. It’s gone on to become a really popular indie game across all platforms, and so it wasn’t just us who were excited when The Gentlebros announced a sequel in May of last year. We got a juicy new trailer the following month, some new screenshots and info in late August, and a display of the new couch co-op mode in October. The last we heard of Cat Quest 2 was when the developers announced that the title was finally feature complete, and that we could expect a release date soon. Well today we have a release date for at least one platform as Cat Quest 2 will be arriving on Steam next month on September 24th. Check out this awesome new trailer.

So hey, that’s great for Steam gamers, but what about the rest of us, eh? Well the trailer description states that the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions will be arriving later this year, and The Gentlebros are just a tiny bit more specific on their Twitter account saying those versions will arrive in autumn. So, sometime after the Steam release and before Christmas, I guess? As for the iOS and Android versions, when questioned about it on Twitter The Gentlebros replied that they will “have more to announce about mobile soon!" Does that mean that the mobile version will not be released alongside those other versions this fall, and instead slip into next year? Or perhaps they’re going to announce that Cat Quest 2 will be part of Apple Arcade, and Apple will be featuring the game in their big keynote at next month’s new iPhone event? Hey, anything can happen! Whatever the case, I just need me some Cat Quest 2 like STAT so I’ll be watching very closely for their mobile announcement when it happens.