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Watch Some Local Co-op Gameplay From ‘Cat Quest 2: The Lupus Empire’ Ahead of Its 2019 Release

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If you’ve been reading TouchArcade over the last year or so, you know how much we love Cat Quest ($4.99). It is a cat-tastic action RPG that plays brilliantly on touch devices. I’ve played it on iOS and Nintendo Switch and can’t get enough of it. The Gentlebros announced a sequel for 2019 release and they have slowly been revealing more about it. We recently learned that it will have MFI Controller support from the get go and it will also have drop in co-op support. If you aren’t a fan of playing alongside someone, you can play solo with the AI controlling the second character. Watch some new co-op gameplay for Cat Quest 2: The Lupus Empire From PlayStation Access at EGX below (from 53:35 mark on PS4):

The demo gameplay above is from a section of the game created for demo purposes. The final game will likely be different or have more context for everything that is shown. The demo does showcase cat and dog gameplay and some new enemies. Cat Quest 2: The Lupus Empire is going to be awesome with more areas, more enemies, more spells, and more cat puns. I can’t wait to see more of it in the future. If you missed it, watch the original teaser for it below:

If you’ve made it this far and have still not played the original, rectify that immediately. We had it as our Game of the Week when it launched and it was also in our best games of 2017list. Check out our forum thread to stay up to date with everything Cat Quest 2: The Lupus Empire. Read our review of the original here.

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