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‘Pokemon Masters’ Now Available for Pre-Order in the iOS App Store with an August 29th Release Date

Back in May it was announced that The Pokemon Company would be teaming up with DeNA to create a then-unnamed new mobile Pokemon title that would be released at some point prior to March of 2020. Later that month The Pokemon Company held a very Nintendo Direct-ish presentation laying out all of the Pokemon-related things they had planned for the upcoming year, and among the many announcements was a title and brief glimpse of the previously announced game with DeNA. It would be called Pokemon Masters and it would allow you to team up with classic Trainers from throughout the series’ long history and take part in all new 3-on-3 battles. About a month later another presentation was announced that would focus specifically on Pokemon Masters, and that presentation aired late last month and showcased quite a bit of what we could expect from the game as well as narrowed down a release window to this summer. And that brings us to just last week when another new trailer was released showcasing the new 3-on-3 battling, check it out.

Well now it seems we’ve entered into the next phase of the release cycle for Pokemon Masters, as the game is now available for pre-order on the iOS App Store with an expected release date of August 29th. While not exactly a traditional Pokemon game, the more I see of Pokemon Masters the more interested I am in it, and it’s exciting to know that it’s right around the corner. In the meantime you can check out the game’s official website for more information and media of the game, as well as links to all the various social channels and whatnot, and look for Pokemon Masters to arrive on August 29th.