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‘Pokemon Masters’ Presentation Announced for June 27th Showcasing the Upcoming Game from DeNA and The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company announced a new Pokemon mobile game in partnership with DeNA a little while ago. That was confirmed to be Pokemon Masters which was properly announced at the Pokemon showcase that took place a few weeks ago that also saw multiple other projects get announced. Pokemon Masters is being developed by DeNA and it aims to bring together trainers from the franchise’s rich history together. The company wants people to experience a new type of Pokemon battle on the go.

A presentation focussed on this game was just announced. The live stream will last around 8 minutes and will have news about Pokemon Masters for iOS and Android. We will likely get a release window if not a release date and maybe the regional availability. I still get pretty annoyed when I see companyes throw around “worldwide" when it only includes a few major countries across the world. Hopefully this one has large scale availability. Watch the live stream on the YouTube link above when it takes place at 9 AM on June 27th. What do you want from Pokemon Masters?