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‘Pokemon Masters’ New Trailer Shows Off 3v3 Real Time Battles, the Pokemon Masters League, Co-op Play, and More

Pokemon Masters is a new collaboration between The Pokemon Company and DeNA. It was revealed at the Pokemon showcase a little while ago. We got some details about the game including how it was designed to let all players casually play on their phone and experience Pokemon battles. Co-op play in Pokemon Masters will let players team up and unleash unity attacks that use up all Pokemon in a team. While not shown in the trailer, Pokemon Masters will also have Sygna Suits that change partner Pokemon.

The new gameplay trailer that you can watch above showcases co-op play, real time battles with 3 v 3, the Pokemon Masters League, and more. Co-op play lets you play with trainers around the world against AI. You can unleash powerful sync moves with partner Pokemon. The Pokemon Masters League is a tournament featuring 3 v 3 battles on Pasio which is the competitive island. Check out three screenshots below:

Pokemon Masters is still targetting a Summer 2019 release on iOS and Android devices. It is also set to release as a free to start game “worldwide" with support for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. Check out the website for it here. What do you want to see in the future from Pokemon Masters?