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American Dad is Getting a Mobile Game this Fall Called ‘American Dad! Apocalypse Soon’

We live in an age where just about any IP you can think of has an associated free to play mobile game. The array of FOX’s various “adult" animated shows seem to be especially prone to having mobile games made about them, and now American Dad is joining the club. Well, technically American Dad had made guest star appearances in Kongregate’s Animation Throwdown as well as the “Balls of Glory" series of tables in Zen Pinball, but this is the first game to my knowledge based entirely around this particular show. As I’ve always said of these free to play games based on a licensed property, they’re almost always stuffed with a ton of fan service, so whether or not the actual game part has much substance they’re at least entertaining for people who enjoy that particular IP. And this seems to be very much the case with American Dad! Apocalypse Soon. The game seems to be broken into two main parts; one where you’re building out a huge compound under the Smith’s family home a la Fallout Shelter, and another part where you’re collecting various varieties of Roger and his many personas to piece together a team and battle aliens.

I have to admit that out of all the various adult animated shows out there, American Dad is one of my favorite. Sure the first few seasons tried a little too hard to poke fun at ultra-conservatism and suffered because of it, but at one point it just slowly descended into sheer absurdity and became an absolutely brilliant show with super dynamic characters. It only got weirder when it moved from FOX to TBS in late 2014, and I actually consider the seasons that have come out since that time to be the best of the entire series. So yeah, I’m a huge fan and absolutely love the idea of collecting all these ridiculous Rogers and seeing fan-favorite characters like Stelio Kontos and Pimp Principal Lewis. I’m here for this! If you’re also a fan and the thought of playing a silly game about American Dad excites you, you can pre-order American Dad! Apocalypse Soon on the iOS App Store right now and pre-register on the Google Play Store for Android too, and its expected release date is October 8th.