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Two Great New ‘Super Cat Tales 2’ Developer Videos Released

When developer Neutronized announced that they were working on a sequel to their fantastic 2016 “catformer" Super Cat Tales (Free), I was incredibly excited. And since that initial announcement back in April, the developer has been releasing a ton of DevLog videos talking about some of the new features you can expect in Super Cat Tales 2 and some of the areas they’re trying to improve it over the original. I’ve really enjoyed watching these videos and getting insight into the development of one of my most anticipated upcoming games, and if I had one criticism about the DevLogs it’d be that Neutronized is creating them faster than I’m able to keep up with! Which is actually a great problem to have. So without further ado here’s a double dose of new DevLog videos, the first of which talks about the village areas in the game and the many improvements coming to them, and the second video shows off even more progress in the game and unveils… drumroll please… Super Cat Tales figurines!

Ok, I HAVE to have every figurine available, take my money now! Even more importantly though, that last video says that Super Cat Tales 2 is almost completely finished and that we’re really close to finding out a release date. We’ll of course keep an eye out for that but in the meantime if you haven’t checked out all of the previous videos and you’re super excited about Super Cat Tales 2 like I am, I highly suggest giving them a look: DevLog video #1 talked about improving character switching and reducing the amount of backtracking you’d need to do; DevLog #2 talked about changes to “helper" characters and how items work; DevLog #3 and #4 talked about control improvements, better defining character abilities, level length and difficulty, and the improved overworld map; and DevLog #5 talked about the game’s amazing new soundtrack. Phew, that’s a lot of videos! Thankfully they’re all very informative and not overly long so I’d definitely suggest watching them all as we anxiously await a release date announcement for Super Cat Tales 2.