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Two More ‘Super Cat Tales 2’ Devlog Videos Shed Additional Insight into the Game’s Creation

In the fall of 2016, developer Neutronized in publishing partnership with FDG Entertainment released the fantastic touch-based cat platformer Super Cat Tales (Free) into the App Store. We thought it was phenomenal in our review, and so we were elated this past April when Neutronized officially announced a sequel. As part of their development process, Neutronized has been creating developer videos talking about some of the changes coming to Super Cat Tales 2 and the thinking behind them. I’ve found them really interesting, and so far we’ve posted about Devlog #1 which talked about improving how much backtracking was necessary in the first game, and Devlog #2 which talked about improving the “helper" characters and how they worked for the sequel. Since that second video was posted, Neutronized has actually posted two more videos to their YouTube channel which you can see below. The first is Devlog #3 which discusses how the sequel will better define the different abilities of the playable cat characters in the game as well as some improvements coming to the controls.

Next up is Devlog #4 which goes over making improvements to the difficulty and length of the levels in Super Cat Tales 2, which are now broken up into different “rooms" within the same level and also feature multiple branching paths to take based on which playable cat you’re using at a given time. There’s also a glimpse at how the levels are initially designed on a whiteboard or on paper which is really interesting to see. Finally we get a look at some changes to how the Super Mario Bros. 3-inspired map works in the sequel compared to the first Super Cat Tales.

I’ve said this many times before but I absolutely love these “behind the curtain" looks on how a game is made. It’s especially interesting when it’s a sequel, as it’s a chance for the developer to reflect on decisions made in the first game and to take in all the feedback from people who played it and then use those lessons when developing the second game. As a huge fan of the first Super Cat Tales, I’m incredibly excited for the sequel which should be arriving at some point this year. These developer videos continue to stoke my enthusiasm, so I hope Neutronized continues to put them out. If you want to follow along with the progress of Super Cat Tales 2, be sure to check out the thread in our forums and hopefully we’ll be bringing you more new developer videos soon.