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New ‘Super Cat Tales 2’ Devlog Video is All About Story and Soundtrack

We’ve been following the development of Super Cat Tales 2 pretty closely since its initial announcement in early April, both because we absolutely adored the original Super Cat Tales (Free) and also because developer Neutronized has made it really interesting to follow by continuing to put up some excellent videos discussing the game’s creation. You can click here to see all our previous coverage of Super Cat Tales 2 which includes four of those videos discussing things like improving the flow of the game and reducing backtracking, making the “helper" system better, and improvements coming to the unique touchscreen control system used in the first game. Over the weekend Neutronized put out the fifth Super Cat Tales 2 development video, this one focused on the story and music/sound effects in the game.

In the beginning of the video, Neutronized rightly calls out how most mobile games don’t offer much in the way of meaningful storylines or take the time to develop characters. This is something they’re hoping to achieve with Super Cat Tales 2 (and something the did achieve with the original), and in addition to the cutscenes shown in the above video being great ways to show off the wonderful music and sound effects, it also emphasizes the game’s focus on telling an entertaining story and creating characters with some depth. The video ends on a bit of a sad note as Neutronized talks the struggles of being a tiny studio and how they hope not to have to put Super Cat Tales 2 development on hold to do some contract work to bring in some income. Nooo! Going the Patreon route and letting fans help contribute to keeping Neutronized doing what they do best is another option floated out there, and that’s worked out pretty well for ourselves in the similarly brutal world of independent website publishing. Whatever the case, I hope Super Cat Tales 2 is able to continue production and becomes a game we can play and enjoy in the near future, and we’ll continue posting these great devlogs for as long as Neutronized continues making them.