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A Sequel to the Incredible Catformer ‘Super Cat Tales’ is Coming this Year

If I was going to compile a list of my favorite mobile platformers, then the 2016 release Super Cat Tales (Free) from Neutronized would be right near the top. Not only does it contain cats, which is automatic points in my book, but it is filled with colorful visuals and sounds that harken back to the types of happy and fun platformers I’d play on the Super Nintendo back in the day. In fact, with its level of polish, if you replaced the cats in Super Cat Tales with Mario and friends it’d be easy to believe that this actually was a product from Nintendo themselves. So it makes me more than a little excited that Neutronized has just announced a Super Cat Tales sequel with an incredible new trailer.

Aside from the visuals and presentation, Super Cat Tales was also noteworthy for coming up with a truly unique control scheme tailor made for the touchscreen. The developers somehow were able to squeeze in free movement as well as things like wall jumping just using either side of the screen as buttons. It takes a bit to get used to, but once you do you’ll be running and jumping through levels with the grace and elegance of a… well, of a cat! Basically, all these factors come together in Super Cat Tales to make it one of the standout platformers on mobile, and Super Cat Tales 2 looks to amp all that up in every way. Right now there’s no release date other than a vague 2018, but once something more specific is revealed we’ll definitely let you know.