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Latest ‘Super Cat Tales 2’ Developer Video Says Goodbye to Helpers and Hello to the Item Slot

I’ve been following along closely with the development of Super Cat Tales 2 ever since it was announced back in April, but despite keeping tabs on the game’s progress it almost slipped by me that developer Neutronized had posted another developer video over the weekend. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the first devlog video from a couple of weeks ago which goes over solving the problem the first game had with having to backtrack through levels in order to switch off between the playable cats in the game. This latest video discusses something similar, and it’s in regards to how the “helpers" worked in the original game. There you could purchase consumable helper creatures that would follow you through a level and, well, help you out. This video talks about the problems associated with that system and how they’ll be improved in the upcoming Super Cat Tales 2.

In addition to talking about the changes and how items will now work, this video also shows off a good chunk of new footage from Super Cat Tales 2, and it continues to look incredibly awesome. If you aren’t familiar with the series, the original Super Cat Tales (Free) (you may know it as Super Cat Bros. if you’re on Android) was a platformer released in 2016 that paid homage to all sorts of classic games from back in the day, namely Super Mario Bros. 3. It featured a really unique touchscreen control system that, once warmed up to, provided really great control of the colorful cast of playable cats. We loved the first game in our review, and based on everything we’re hearing about the sequel, it should be bigger and better in every way. There are likely more dev videos to come in the near future and if all goes according to plan Super Cat Tales 2 will release at some point in 2018.