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‘Battleheart 2’ Available for Pre-Order on iOS for $3.99 Ahead of July 12th Launch

There are few games I’m more excited for than Battleheart 2 from Mika Mobile, and I don’t just mean in the world of mobile games but in video games in general. Their original Battleheart ($2.99) broke new ground when it launched in early 2011 and offered up an RPG with RTS-style line-drawing combat mechanics that felt right at home on Apple’s touchscreen devices. A spinoff called Battleheart Legacy ($4.99) in 2014 took Mika’s wonderful character designs into full 3D while expanding the character progression systems so much that it offered nearly endless ways to build out your characters and play. Then in September of 2016 they announced a true Battleheart sequel that would take the best of both of the previous games and smoosh them together into the ultimate Battleheart experience. Just check out this awesome trailer for Battleheart 2.

So we’ve always known that Mika Mobile is a tiny two-person studio, and that they will take whatever amount of time they need to ensure a game is fully up to their standards before releasing it. So when they originally announced Battleheart 2 nearly two years ago, I figured it would be quite a ways off. However, just a few days ago they announced a release date of July 12th for the game, and for whatever reason now that I KNOW the release date it’s making these next couple of weeks an even harder wait than these past two years have been. Well if you’re as impatient as I am, then you might opt for getting ahead of the game by placing a Battleheart 2 pre-order, which has just gone live today. Clicking this link on an iOS 11 device will take you to the App Store where you can pre-order, and then come July 12th Battleheart 2 will just automatically download to your device. Like magic! If you prefer simply waiting for the game to hit the App Store like normal, well the good news is that there’s only two more weeks to go.