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‘Battleheart 2’ Progress Continues, Seven of the Game’s Heros Have Been Revealed So Far

Developer Mika Mobile dropped a big ol’ bombshell on the world back in September of 2016 when they announced Battleheart 2, a long-desired sequel to one of the most beloved mobile games of all time. Of course we had the incredible Battleheart Legacy ($4.99) too, which came a little over three years after the original Battleheart ($2.99), but that game–while still outstanding–was quite a departure from the first game in many ways and served more as a spinoff. Battleheart 2 will be a true sequel to the original game with multi-character party combat using the ingenious line-drawing mechanics that Mika Mobile pioneered all those years ago, but while carrying over many of the interesting things about Battleheart Legacy into the fold too. Basically, it’s shaping up to be the ultimate Battleheart experience, which I’m unfathomably excited for.

Back in January Mika began teasing the characters that will be in Battleheart 2 with Hero Spotlights features on their blog, basically giving some background info and short video previews of each character in question. They’ve diligently been updating their blog each week with a new Hero Spotlight, revealing seven of the twelve characters as of last week. Here’s the latest reveal, a character named Odette.

Rather than regurgitate all the info Mika has already provided on their blog, I’ll simply list the links to each of the Hero Spotlights that have been revealed so far for handy reference.

Each of those Hero Spotlights reveals a small bio on the background of the character, a synopsis of each of the character’s special abilities, and a brief video like the one above showing their abilities in action. The latest spotlight for Odette also gives a very quick update on the progress of Battleheart 2 stating “The past month has been spent building the first boss, and doing a lot of testing and tuning of the initial experience. We’ve been examining and tweaking things like how quickly you get gold, how quickly the difficulty increases, and the relative power of different characters. Along the way, we’ve found and fixed a lot of little issues and bugs too. We’re feeling really confident in where the game is at, and hope to rapidly cruise through the remaining bosses as we prepare for a Spring launch." I sure hope they are able to hit that Spring target!

You can keep an eye on Mika’s blog for their weekly Hero Spotlight updates, and once all 12 characters have been revealed I’ll update and re-post this story with links to them all, as well as any new information that might have surfaced. We’ll be keeping close tabs on Battleheart 2 in anticipation of its launch this year.