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First Footage of ‘Battleheart 2’ Shown Off in New Hero Spotlight Video

Games don’t get much more classic than Mika Mobile’s Battleheart ($2.99). Launching just short of 7(!) years ago, Battleheart was one of the few mobile games that seemed to delight gamers of all types and its ingenious line-drawing battling system became one of the most copied mechanics in the years that followed. Mika’s Battleheart Legacy ($4.99) arrived in May of 2014 and gave a different spin on the formula, but as wonderful as that game was many fans have been clamoring for a true sequel to the original Battleheart. Mika answered the call of fans in September of 2016 when they officially announced Battleheart 2 with a revamped art style and an emphasis on cooperative multiplayer. As with anything Mika does they’re taking as much time as it takes to get Battlheart 2 just right, and the last major update we got on its development was this past July. Now today Mika has posted a new blog entry which highlights the character Natsuko and the abilities she’ll have in Battleheart 2, and it also gives us the first glimpse of the game in action.

There will be 12 playable heroes at the launch of Battleheart 2 and over the course of the next few weeks Mika plans to do similar Hero Spotlights just like this one for the rest of the cast of the game. In addition to the 3 primary abilities of each hero, you’ll also be able to customize the abilities of each character using unlockable Talents. It wouldn’t be a Mika Mobile game without some stellar character progression now, would it? We’ll be keeping a close eye out for more Battleheart 2 news in the coming weeks, and expect the game to launch at some point in 2018. In the meantime though be sure to give this latest blog post a read for all the details about Natsuko.