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‘Battleheart 2’ Launching July 12th, Awesome New Trailer Released

Mika Mobile made many gamers’ dreams come true when they announced Battleheart 2 back in September of 2016, a sequel to their groundbreaking RTS/RPG hybrid Battleheart ($2.99). That was close to two year ago though, and the wait sure hasn’t been easy. Mika dropped a few progress updates on the game throughout 2017 and then at the beginning of this year they started showing off even more with their Hero Spotlight features. Back in April, they said that they were about 60% finished with Battleheart 2, and were shooting for a release towards the end of June if everything went according to plan. Knowing how Mika Mobile works and that they absolutely won’t release a game until they feel it’s ready, even if that means pushing release dates back, I sort of interpreted that “late June" to mean something more along the lines of “hopefully by the end of 2018." Well I’m happy to be wrong about that! The late June guess was actually pretty close as today Mika has announced that Battleheart 2 is finished and launching on July 12th, and they’ve released this incredible new trailer.

Oh man, I am SO excited you guys. As you can see in the trailer Battleheart 2 uses a slightly different art style than the original game, but does go back to the 2D style after branching out into 3D in the spinoff Battleheart Legacy ($4.99). In fact it kind of looks like flat 2D versions of the Battleheart Legacy characters, almost like a mashup of the art styles of both games, which is fitting as Battlheart 2 takes many gameplay elements from both of those previous titles and mashes them together to create the ultimate Battleheart experience. And hey, co-op multiplayer! This is going to be amazing. So if you’ve been impatiently waiting for Battlheart 2 for the past couple of years, just rest easy knowing that the wait is only a few weeks longer before the game arrives on iOS July 12th with an Android version to follow shortly after.