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‘Battleheart 2’ is About 60% Complete and Could Possibly Launch in June

There aren’t many games that I’m looking forward to more than Mika Mobile’s upcoming Battleheart 2. The tiny two-person studio is notorious for taking as long as needed to get their games released in a really polished state, so I try to just stay patient and wait it out. But man, it’s hard. While a sequel has been a possibility for years, it wasn’t until September of 2016 that Battleheart 2 was officially announced and in the works. Mika has been plugging away ever since, and have been keeping eager players like me updated on the progress through their blog. Early last month we rounded up all of the Hero Spotlights that have been posted so far, which are little explainer blog posts going in-depth on the various characters that will be in Battleheart 2. Those spotlights have slowed down over the past month, but progress on the game itself hasn’t and this week on Twitter Mika’s given us a rough update on where the game is at right now.

Gosh, wouldn’t a June release be just fantastic? I don’t want to get my hopes up too much just because we all know how these things can go, with game development being the fickle beast that it is. However it sounds like things are firmly in hand with the development of Battleheart 2, and even if that June release is missed I know it won’t be too much longer until we’re able to play this highly-anticipated sequel. If you’re not familiar with the original Battleheart ($2.99), then you need to GET familiar. It was a groundbreaking game when it released way back in early 2011, and you can read up on it in our full review or Shaun’s shockingly in-depth RPG Reload article for all the details. Mika went in a somewhat different direction with their follow-up Battleheart Legacy ($4.99), which had many elements of the original but explored a lot of new ground too, as you can read in our review of that one. Both games are simply phenomenal and must-haves, and Battleheart 2 will follow more closely to the original game but will include elements from Legacy as well. Let’s all hope that we’ll be playing it come this June.