SwitchArcade Roundup: ‘Limbo’, ‘Inside’, ‘Figment’, ‘Fossil Hunters’, and More New Games

Welcome to the SwitchArcade Roundup for June 28th, where we’re covering all of today’s releases on the eShop. I thought this was a bit of a slower month compared to May, but that’s poppycock. We had Fortnite, Paladins, and Hollow Knight all on the same day, and Mario Tennis Aces last week! The end of June is sure making up for things regardless of any slowdown, with a ton of new games today, and then Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus and Crash Bandicoot: The N. Sane Trilogy hit tomorrow. So many games, folks. SO. MANY. GAMES.

New Releases

Limbo ($9.99)

The game that put Playdead on the map, and serves as perhaps the definitive dark indie platformer of its time. You play as a lost child, wandering through a dark landscape to try and save his sister. It’s atmospheric, frightening, features a giant evil spider thing, and is still a hallmark of its era.

Inside ($19.99)

Playdead refines the dark indie platformer with Inside. It shares a lot of similarities with Limbo, but with a new premise and a unique new soundtrack to go along with the game. This one has some more sci-fi elements to go with it, and a theme that’s still dark but not quite as silhouette-focused as Limbo was. Playdead have done some great work so far, and you can check out both of these gems at once on the Switch if you haven’t already.

No Heroes Here ($14.99)

Nope, officer, don’t know what you’re talking about. No heroes here whatsoever. This game has you attempting to defend your castle from invading forces, commanding different parts of your defenses to keep the castle standing. Because, the heroes are all dead. And you’re no hero. You’re just a man doing his job. Shout out to the developers for including online play, I know it’s not easy, but why should I have to leave the house to play games with people?

Survive! MR.CUBE ($14.99)

One of two cubic games this week, you explore a dark forest, trying to escape a dark world as the eponymous hero. This “Roguelite” (I don’t like that term but I guess it works) isn’t a survival game like Don’t Starve, necessarily, but more a straightforward action game. It also has “4 themes structured with 4 themes” so I don’t think the developers quite got their money’s worth out of their translation service.

The Journey Down Chapter Two ($19.99)

The second episode of my favorite point-and-click adventure series is here on Switch, and it comes with a discount if you’ve bought the first episode. Our Underland-searching heroes find themselves falsely imprisoned for the events of the first game, and have to break out and find a way to get to Underland, without getting thrown back in the clink! Man, I need to replay this entire series.

Photon Cube ($13.65)

Cube game numero dos, and featuring more anime girls than Survive MR.CUBE has. Solve puzzles by moving cubes to redirect beams of light to complete your goals The cubes have different reflection points and properties, and can even alter colors. This looks kind of interesting, and I guess if you’re into anime girls and cubes, this is your game of the year?

Fossil Hunters ($16.99)

Indiana Jones has been remarked to be one of the worst archaeologists ever, because of all the destruction and stealing of ancient artifacts the guy did. To be fair, the dude also made sure to keep them out of the hands of Nazis, so he could’ve been worse. I bring this all up because I think “worse” is collecting fragments of fossils, and instead of carefully researching and studying them, the protagonists of Fossil Hunters think it would be awesome to put together pieces of different fossils to form badass fossil creations. Still, this does look pretty cool, and there’s a whole co-op mode so you can go digging for fossils and form killer creations with each other.

I’m also going to use this space to rant about how Nintendo needs to release a smaller, more portable dock, or license something that won’t brick the Switch. The official dock is a little bulky for bringing around to multiple places, and a smaller one would be great for transportability.

Grave Danger ($19.99)

Dante, Malice, and Elliot are wanted men, or at least a wanted skeleton in Elliot’s case. You have to switch between the three characters, The Lost Vikings style, to help solve puzzles and keep them away from the people that want them dead. Or dead again, I guess, for the skeleton-man. You can play this one in singleplayer mode, swapping between characters, or with two other players controlling the characters with drop-in/drop-out multiplayer.

Renegade ($7.99)

The fine folks at HAMSTER are here to deliver one of their two arcade games of the week. This Technos beat ‘em up (think Double Dragon) has you and a friend battling through street gangs to save your girlfriend, which I didn’t need to tell you because that is the plot of every beat ‘em up ever. Literally, all of them. If you want to check out a game that preceded some of the other formative games of the genre, here’s your chance.

ACA NEOGEO Money Puzzle Exchanger ($7.99)

HAMSTER’s NeoGeo release of the week. “Those money idols you keep hearing about are coming to your town!” Wait, nobody told me about the money idols. This is a puzzler where you make matches using different-value coinage, and if you get flooded with pennies, you lose, just as you do in real life. Also, eight different women are playable characters. Arcade puzzle games have a unique aesthetic to them, and hey, maybe you need a game with idols?

Dream Alone ($9.99)

This game bills itself as a dark and difficult 2D indie platformer, and imagine releasing a game like that the same day as Limbo and Inside. You have to make your way through a deadly world, trying to find Lady Death, who can seemingly stop the sickness affecting your village. I mean, I guess if she’s good at death, she’s good at reversing death? The hero apparently has some skeletons in his closet, so have fun discovering those. I guess if Limbo and Inside aren’t enough darkness for you, throw this in as well! And then maybe go play Money Puzzle Exchanger to cheer yourself up.

Figment ($19.99)

Dusty and Piper go through the human mind, in this gorgeous 2D adventure game. Nightmarish creatures have started to emerge – probably after being on Twitter too much – and the duo need to solve puzzles and eliminate the dastardly nightmares. Seriously, it was probably too much time on social media that ruined this brain.

MotoGP 18 ($39.99)

You ever wonder why some sports aren’t more popular in America? Like, how is MotoGP not more popular in the US? Oh well, at least all the fans who follow this sport of certified madmen get to play this latest edition of the game, featuring 19 tracks, and circuits starting from the Rookies Cup all the way to the Premier circuit.

Sales Ending by Tomorrow

  • Glaive: Brick Breaker ($5.49 from $9.99 until June 29)
  • TumbleSeed ($9.99 from $14.99 until June 29)
  • Thumper ($9.99 from $19.99 until June 29)

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