Huge ‘Death Road to Canada’ FEMUR Update Now Available on Mobile and a Sequel is Being Teased

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I’d hope that by now Death Road to Canada ($14.99) needs no introduction, but just in case, here we go. A collaborative effort between long-time mobile developers Rocketcat Games and Madgarden, Death Road to Canada is a survival adventure slash roadtrip simulator that tasks you with making it from Florida to Canada in order to escape a zombie apocalypse. Canada is apparently immune to zombie infestation, or something. It’s a stunning mixture of resource management, open-ended decision making, and good old-fashioned zombie bashing. We liked it okay I guess.

Death Road has also been heavily supported post-release with some gargantuan updates, like the COCCYX update, the DUODENUM update, the EYEBALL update, in addition to many more minor updates in between. You can see there’s a wacky body part naming convention going on with their updates, and that trend continues with today’s FEMUR update. It adds two new weapon types, five new trader camps, a new special character called the Barbarian who is just constantly getting new weapons for some reason, and too many more things to name. If you want the full rundown, the App Store update notes go over all of it. Also, as promised, the price has gone up by one dollar with the addition of this latest major update.

But THAT’S not even the MOST exciting part! Even though this new update IS totally exciting. No, the other news is that two more major updates are planned for Death Road to Canada in the coming months, with a particularly big one arriving around July/August for the game’s second anniversary. (It launched on Steam about eight months prior to launching on iOS in March of last year.) Each big update will again raise the mobile game’s price by a dollar, and eventually it will equal the desktop version both in pricing and in content. THEN that’ll likely be it for the major new content additions to Death Road to Canada, as after that Rocketcat is teasing that they’d like to work on a follow-up or sequel. Squeee! If you haven’t gotten in on the Death Road to Canada fun yet, then what are you waiting for? The game is only getting more expensive you know!

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