Out Now: ‘House of the Dead’, ‘Iron Man 3’, ‘LEGO Batman’, ‘Robot Unicorn Attack 2’ and More

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If you haven’t noticed by the explosion of new game posts today, it’s Wednesday, which arguably is the best day of the week for iOS gamers as we’re teased with the new releases which start in New Zealand and slowly trickle across the rest of the planet until we finally see them stateside at 11:00 PM Eastern. There’s a surprising amount of really big name titles this week, so it’ll be interesting to see what gets love from Apple during tomorrow’s App Store featuring update.

Gun Commando

First Impressions: ‘Gun Commando’ Offers Both a Familiar and Fresh First-person Shooter Experience

Graphics in Gun Commando are really simple, with blocky environments and textures, but it has a really cool stylized look that makes it feel like you’re playing an ’80s cartoon. The levels are simplistic and are all really bite-sized, which is well-suited to mobile. You aren’t likely to get lost working your way through them, but there are 3 trophies to search out and collect in each one and plenty of little secret areas to find that give you additional goals to shoot for.

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House of the Dead: Overkill

First Impressions: ‘House of the Dead: Overkill – The Lost Reels’ – Sega’s Classic Arcade Shooter Comes to the Touchscreen

The game is broken up into three different “movies" which each contain four levels and a boss fight at the end. The initial download gives you the first movie, Papa’s Palace of Pain, as well as a locked second movie Ballistic Trauma. You unlock that second movie merely by playing through the first, but the third movie, Naked Terror, must be purchased for a $1.99 IAP. I don’t mind so much having to pay for additional DLC levels in games, but on day one in a paid game that already only comes with two chapters it feels a bit weird.

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Iron Man 3

First Impressions: Gameloft’s Upcoming ‘Iron Man 3’ Adds Timers to the Endless Runner Formula

Nearly a gig installed, Iron Man 3 is a behind the back endless runner flyer where you control Iron Man blasting down a highway (and other locales). The game starts by asking you not only if it can send you push alerts, but also if it can have access to your contacts, and the free to play stuff just gets stranger from there.

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LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes

First Impressions: ‘Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes’ Looks Like a Pretty Full-featured Action Game

If you liked the iOS versions of Lego Harry Potter then chances are you’ll dig this latest Batman incarnation, as it seems to be in the same vein. Or, if you just like Batman and other DC heroes, you’ll probably get a kick out of it too.

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First Impressions: Chillingo’s Upcoming ‘Madmonster’ Is An OK Arcade-y Game That Lacks Depth

There’s not a really tidy way to categorize Chillingo’s Madmonster. It’s not a runner, even though it does task you with guiding a tiny monster dude around a world from left to right in an endless charge. It’s not a platform game, even though its core mechanic revolves around that monster bouncing up and down and smashing various objects. It’s a game that sits in the middle between these two genres, satisfying neither’s conditions as neatly as I want it to. And while I’m being wishy-washy: it’s not a thrilling game, either, though it is a competent arcade-y game.

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Random Heroes 2

Announcement: Freebie Alert: In Celebration of ‘Random Heroes 2’ Launching this Week, ‘League of Evil 2’ Goes Free

The original Random Heroes was pretty cool, but Ravenous is hoping to ratchet things up in the sequel with new mechanics, new enemies, and plenty of hew heroes to play as. Check out the latest trailer to see the new game in motion.

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2

First Impressions: Surprise Sequel to ‘Robot Unicorn Attack’ hits New Zealand App Store

This one does depart in a few key areas. Most likely, folks are probably going to latch onto the new unicorn customization component and the systems that revolve around it. As you run, you collect metallic tears. With these, you can buy pieces of equipment or parts for your robotic unicorn. Want a flaming mane? Sure, it’s in there. How about a new sternum? Yup, you can grab that, too.

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Talisman Prologue HD

Preview: TA Plays: ‘Talisman Prologue HD’ – A Radical iPad Recreation of the Classic Board Game

Rewinding a bit, Talisman Prologue on mobile is a fantasy-ass fantasy RPG. In it, you play as an adventurer tasked with doing hero-y deeds. As a Barbarian, for example, one of the quests charges you with saving a princess from a duo of ogres and taking her back to the castle. The first Monk quest has you looking for a cross and delivering it to the Chapel because looking for artifacts is pretty cool. Other adventurers have more… narratively adventurous quests, but you get the idea. Also, all the production design in the game is traditional; it has that rugged, old-school pulp fantasy book look that extends all the way to creature design and into font.

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