The TouchArcade Show – 86 – Crazy Volume Edition

This week on the TouchArcade Show, we discover that I’m a total idiot. I had my microphone on the “conference" setting the entire time, meaning I was clipping basically the entire show — or, at least, more than normal. To correct this, I had to fiddle with the gain and pitch every time I talked on the show. Please adjust your volume buttons accordingly. We tried to make it as listenable as possible, but do realize the error. Won’t happen again!

In other news, we did talk about the latest, hotest, and bestest in iOS on this week’s show. At the top, we talk about ShaqDown and how Hiptic managed to stay honest to Shaq’s video game legacy. Later, we dive into Blockheads and what it does best. After the break, Jared tells us why Joe Danger on touch screens rocks. We also discuss next generation consoles, how CES hurts our brains, and get to your user comments, questions, and feedback.

Feels good to get back somewhat to normal. If you’d like to listen, bang one of the direct links below. Additionally, you can subscribe to our podcast and get each episode the second it hits wide on the Internet. This is the coolest way to listen to us. Also, we’re still offering games in exchange for reviews. Just drop your forum name in a review, and my man Eli will hit you back. Details in the podcast.


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