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Gunbrick [$2.99] came out a while ago, and while we reviewed it and discussed it a couple times on the podcast, it's really one of those games that are better to see in motion. The game mechanic revolves around rotating your Gunbrick to solve puzzles where your gun (and sometimes blast shield) are in the right location. Also, I like recording video of puzzle games because it immortalizes you looking really dumb:..

TA Plays: 'Angry Birds Seasons' All Star Update

February 20th, 2015 1:00 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News, TA Plays
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While Angry Birds might be totally out of style these days, it's nuts to go back and look at how much content has been added to these games over the years. Still available for a buck, Angry Birds Seasons [Free] offers a ridiculous value proposition. When it was first released it was just a silly spinoff with holiday themed Angry Birds levels. In 2015, it's like having the whole Encyclopedia Britannica set dumped on your doorstep, only Angry Birds level packs instead of books. ..

Whenever we ask what games we should do video of, there's always a chorus of people who always say Minecraft Pocket Edition [$6.99]. I've got no idea why, as recording video of us playing Minecraft is a sure-fire way to make me and Jared look really stupid. So, whatever, we'll embrace it. We're kicking off a video series not just on how to play Minecraft PE, but how to play Minecraft PE badly. There's an endless array of servers out there for us to join, with an even more diverse range of mods running on them. We're going to hop around like the TV show Sliders...

I now have two distinctly different groups of fighting games in my life: Games where you can play as a character named "Butt" and games where you cannot play as a character named "Butt." Garou: Mark of the Wolves [$3.99] is in the first group. Jared and I get online together and go through a couple multiplayer fights, but ultimately end up having weird Game Center issues. So, I pick up the pieces, and my Butt proceeds ahead to get rocked in single player...

I feel like ever since CSR Racing [Free] hit it big, all sorts of developers have tried to come up with the next cool thing in the one-button free to play racing game world. Typically, these sorts of games have you hitting the screen to shift, but MMX Racing [Free] mixes things up and instead has you controlling how your truck handles jumps. It doesn't sound like much, but it makes a big difference. We spend a lot of the video explaining why:..

TA Plays: 'Shadowmatic' - An Awesome Shadow Puzzler

February 13th, 2015 2:00 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News, TA Plays
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Shadowmatic [$3.99] came out a while ago, but it's one of those games that's kind of difficult to describe but makes total sense as soon as you see it in motion. It's like the crazy child of Zen Bound [$2.99] and Blueprint 3D but with shadows. We give it a spin, but this video comes with the standard puzzle game caveat: These levels only have one solution, so watching us solve them can be a major spoiler. We only do the first few levels though, so, it's not that big of a spoiler for the overall game-..

Today we've got a fresh install of Halfbrick's Monster Dash [Free] to check out the recently released Ghostbusters content. You actually have to play the game for a little bit before you can drop $2.99 on the new Ghostbusters characters, so we do that and talk a bit about the history of the game in the process:..

TA Plays: 'Radical' - The Latest From Beaver Tap Games

February 11th, 2015 11:30 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News, TA Plays
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We sat down with developer Mike Meade in between a commercial break for The Mikey Shorts Fun Show over a bowl of Mikey Munch to play the latest release from Beaver Tap Games, Radical [Free]. It's another one of those see how long you can survive avoidance high scoring game with ads, which you probably already have a dozen of on your phone. Each of them has their own little twist, which always makes them at least worth trying out, especially since they're all so small and take mere seconds to download. Here's what Radical looks like in motion:..

I think it's safe to call 1-Bit Ninja [$2.99] an App Store classic now, which makes 1-Bit Ninja Retro Remix [$1.99] even more interesting as it takes the original formula but gives it a new slightly to the side view. Oh, and it's random and endless check it out:..

Been following along with the Sega drama that's popped up lately? No? That's alright because the walking, talking encyclopedia of Sega drama knowledge is here to give us the full rundown while I play through Sonic CD [Free]. Why is Sonic CD relevant? Well, because it's this level of quality that we'd potentially have if Sega gives the same dudes behind this game the stamp of approval to go wild with Sonic 3...

We've already got a five star review up for Particle Mace [$2.99], but it's one of those games you really need to see in motion to appreciate. It's also one of those games that's really hard to do well on an iPad while you're talking. So, I'm sucking it up big time in this video, but, hey, whatever...

While the game itself is incredibly basic, the trailer we posted last week was too good to not at least check the game out when it finally launched. Jared and I give it a spin in today's TA Plays, and, well, not many people are playing it yet based on Game Center leaderboards...

The tricky part about games like Radiation Island [$2.99] is it's super difficult to convey the level of depth a game like this has in a ten minute video. So, instead we focus on the mysterious intro and the game's brief tutorial to give you guys an idea how the game is played and what it's all about. The name of the game is survival, crafting, and hopefully living long enough to figure out why you're there...

We've talked about it a bunch on the podcast, and in subsequent news articles, but Crossy Road [Free] is hotter than Hansel. It's got great single-hand gameplay, a fantastic free to play setup, and perfectly nails that whole "Just one more try..." element that makes games like this stuck in your mind...

Yesterday on our Twitch stream I had what inadvertently turned in to one of my best runs so far in FTL [$9.99 (HD)] where I actually managed to make it to the second phase of the last boss, rock a ship with fully powered weapons, and unlock a new ship randomly in the process...

News already hit that Hearhtstone: Heroes of Warcraft is available via a soft launch for the lucky residents (or iTunes account holders) of the New Zealand, Australian, and Canadian iTunes regions. We grabbed it today, and I was effortlessly able to log in and play the game with my US account. If you weren't watching the stream today, you missed me losing pretty bad in it:..

FTL is a hell of a game, and hearing that it was coming to the iPad is easily among the best news I've heard surrounding the App Store. It's one of my favorite games for the PC, and while I haven't played it in quite a while, it's been super exciting to pick up the game again on the iPad. It's being released tomorrow for $9.99, but we got the all clear this afternoon to stream the game today...

If you follow our daily Twitch streams, you'll likely be aware that we don't typically stream on Friday. Well, I figured out how to get around the scheduling conflict of when I usually stream and when we record our podcast... By getting developers onboard to stream and talk about their games and other developers' games. Here's who is going to be on it:..

TA Plays Live: Believe in 'Hodappy Bird'

March 27th, 2014 5:01 PM EDT by Eli Hodapp in News, TA Plays
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So what started as a joke has since turned in to a real thing, and I'm pretty sure Hodappy Bird is going to change the face of iOS gaming forever. So, I better stream as much as I possibly can before then because all of these games are going to look like absolute trash once the new era of iOS gaming is ushered in via Hodappy Bird. Yeah...

Aww yeah, it's Wednesday and time for another New Zealand game M-m-m-m-megastream. Here's the games I'm going to be streaming and the order they're going to be streamed:..

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