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Hands-On with ‘Reigns’ Sequel ‘Reigns: Her Majesty’ at PAX West

UPDATE: We’ve got a way better video up with the actual developer talking about the game here. Be sure to check that one out too.

Devolver Digital is just killing it this year at PAX West, both with a “normal" booth set up with demo stations and merch to buy, as well as a satellite booth on the other side of the hall showing off two huge games of theirs: Gorn, a hilariously violent arena fighter for PC, and the Reigns ($2.99) sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty. The game was demoed on these huge touchscreen TVs, which was a lot more impressive than just a few iPads bolted to a kiosk in the corner. Check out Jared playing through a game:

Aside from Jared’s short-lived reign as queen, we hung around and watched other people give the game a go and so far the easiest way to describe Reigns: Her Majesty is simply more Reigns. Considering my biggest complaint with the original was, “Wow, I love this game but I wish there was more, you could say that Her Majesty addressed all my complaints.

The game is due out later this year, and we’re unbelievably excited for it. Also, if you missed it, we posted a teaser trailer when the sequel was first announced, so be sure to give that a look too.