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The Very Unsettling Point and Click Adventure ‘Rusty Lake Paradise’ was Playable at PAX West

The developers at Rusty Lake have put out some of the creepiest and most unsettling games on mobile between their Cube Escape series and the Rusty Lake point and click adventures. Their games have a style and feel that’s easy to recognize, and during the middle of last month they began teasing their newest Rusty Lake game called Rusty Lake Paradise. Well, they had the game on display here at PAX West so naturally we asked to get a demo of it and were treated to a very… interesting experience. Check it out.

It’s fortunate that the creators of Rusty Lake Paradise were right there with us to guide us through parts of the game, as it would have taken Eli or myself at least an hour of bumbling about to solve even one of those puzzles. The flip side to that is that it’s hard to not show TOO much for fear of spoiling things, but I think we struck a nice balance here. And yeah, some of the imagery and the puzzles themselves are just… yikes. That’s what I love about Rusty Lake though, you know? Rusty Lake Paradise should be arriving at the end of October or in early November so look out for it then.