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Square Enix’s ‘Flame vs Blaze’ Is Another Mobile MOBA, Playable at PAX

While Vainglory (Free) is still the king of the mobile MOBA market, there’s loads of developers eager for a shot at that particular throne, with Square Enix being the latest to announce their challenge. Flame vs Blaze is in beta now, but we got a chance to spend some time with it on the PAX show floor. The cadence of the game is pretty interesting, there’s a traditional lane phase where you’re fighting back and forth and killing minion-like creatures, then the game is ended with a boss battle that feels a bit like how the immortals work in Heroes of the Storm’s Battlefield of Eternity map. Check it out:

I’m super curious to see how this one will do, as I still feel like a 10+ minute session time is a lot to ask for of mobile players whose gameplay sessions are typically measured in seconds, not minutes. Regardless, Vainglory has proven there’s a niche of people out there hungry for that sort of thing, we’re just never really sure how large that particular niche is.