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We've all been Clashin' up a storm in the last two weeks. Our forums are still buzzing about climbing through the ranks and I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about how you can get pretty far in this game without even dropping a penny. I'd like to ask you guys to take a moment and also consider contributing to the Touch Arcade Patreon, it is support like this that lets us stream, podcast and write about the games that we like and that we spend time playing. While you won't be able to quickly reach legendary Arena 9 status on the cheap, there are some realistic goals you can set for yourself before deciding to take the plunge on Clash Royale[Free]...

'Patchwork' Review - Greater than the Sum of it's Parts

Patchwork[$2.99] is a very cute game. It has a charming facade of quilty-buttony comfort that is really quite inviting and calming. It's almost a shame that the game is very much a game of cut-throat cold logic devoid of much wiggle room around the fact that the person who can plan ahead best will usually win. The master mind behind such board game greats as Agricola[$6.99] and Le Havre[$4.99], Uwe Rosenberg, followed the pattern with a really great strategic/economic design on this one...

With the advent of the new Rick and Morty game, Pocket Mortys[Free] , you might find yourself a little out of practice at being the very best there ever was at capturing and battling living beings against each other. No worries, however, I've rekindled my inner trainer and want to share with you some really nice little tips on how to maximize your fun through ruthlessly defeating all the other Ricks out there that are just pretending to be the best. Also, be sure to hit up our Pocket Mortys Thread on our forums to follow the discussion as it's happening!..

'Pocket Mortys' Review - Gotta Sedate 'em All

January 13th, 2016 11:45 AM EST by Andrew Fretz in 4.5 stars, Free, Games, iPad Games, iPhone games, iPod touch games, Reviews
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Pocket Mortys [Free] got announced last week and I think I literally jumped out of my chair in anticipation of reviewing this game. Now that it's out, it's time to go get it already. Adult Swim Games' most recent offering is really amazing and free to boot so you can try it out right now to see a great Pokemon like game right here on iOS...

I just got my hands on Adult Swim's new Rick and Morty game, Pocket Mortys. In our previous announcement our own Carter "The Crater, 3.5 full-width-image" Dotson says it's a Pokemon like game and while that's true, you won't be missing any of that humor that mixes fart jokes with quantum paradoxes. I jumped at the chance to play and so far I have not been disappointed or surprised to see that just like most of their offerings, Adult Swim has infused this app with the trappings and atmosphere that translate so well from the source material. ..

Fretz's Favorite iPhone and iPad Games of 2015: 'Subterfuge', 'Call of Champions, and More

With the close of 2015, we get nostalgic here at Touch Arcade towers and think back on all the good times we've had. It's usually at some point in mid-December we all have a fevered dream that our favorite games of the year never existed and we are filled with great despair until someone rings a bell, we wake up, and the games do in fact exist. It is then that the spirit of the holidays abound and we cannot help but proclaim from our venerable old site how much we have enjoyed the games the app store has bestowed upon us in 2015. So lets get this ball rolling!..

League of Explorers[Free] has been a thrilling expansion and the whirlwind adventure is finally coming to a close, but before we wrap things up, you know we're shopping in the discount aisle with our thrifty Pro, TommyJ and his amazing basic decks that will topple the toughest heroic fights Blizzard can sling at us...

The League is back at it this week. With Thanksgiving out of the way, they are back on the track with the third wing of the Hearthstone League of Explorers [Free] adventure, The Ruined City. Of course our favorite theorycrafter TommyJ is on point with some hard hitting decks that won't leave your wallet feeling any pain. Two of these are super full on absolutely free but Blizzard did serve up a big challenge in Lord Slitherspear in which our card master did have to invest in the rare card, Saboteur, to claim victory. Many felt that this encounter would require a fully tailored deck with a slew of expensive cards, but you know TommyJ better than that by now right?..

Hearthstone's[Free] League of Explorers has been a fantastic adventure so far and the man with a plan, TommyJ, has the second wing of this adventure on lock down with some brand new decks designed to clear the heavy heroic content while being super light on your wallet...

When League of Explorers [Free] was announced at Blizzcon this year, no one was expecting to see a release within the month of November, much less within a week of the announcement. Even the grand master TommyJ was thrown a little off his game, but I am here to tell you, it didn't take long before he managed to put together a very cheap deck to tackle the first set of heroic encounters. ..

Wizards and Wagons[$4.99] is out now from Touch Dimensions and it is one of the more active and engaging item shop sim games I have played. Known for more traditional strategy games, Touch Dimensions is stretching their dev skills to reach into the sim genre. Rather than sitting in town and waiting for customers to come to you, W&W mobilizes the store and puts you in the drivers seat. As last week's Touch Arcade Game of the Week, I was not surprised to find dynamic gameplay and an addictive quality that has put some extra rings under my eyes for the last several days from lack of sleep. ..

Turbo Tape has been busy cranking out more content for it's digital board game, Warhammer: Arcane Magic[$1.99]. Today marks the release of the Jungles of Lustria expansion pack which introduces more monsters, more wizards and the titular new environment, the jungles where the Lizardman faction call home. ..

'Five Card Quest' Review - Kitchen Sink not Included

I dont usually prejudge games before playing them, but I would be lying if I said I didnt get excited by the sheer mention of a new Rocketcat game. Five Card Quest[$2.99] is that game and it is cool + awesome. Even though it could be described as a Card Battler/Tactical RPG/Roguelike, it doesn't play like a hybrid game. It is a sleek and challenging dungeon delver that really stresses making the right decision and playing the right card each turn. ..

It seems like no matter how the app store changes, we will always have those comfort games that have such a sturdy under girding we will never see their type go away. NBA Escape from Urthworx is one of those games. With gameplay that heavily relies on the popular physics of Angry Birds, Escape puts a basketball flavored theme on top that adds just enough variety to make it work. ..

'Subterfuge' Review: An Unsinkable Strategy Game

Oh hello there. I didn't see you come in. I've been mildly obsessed with a new game I think you might like. It's called Subterfuge [Free]. Never heard of it? That's weird, they had this really awesome youtube trailer with a cameo with the Sess' himself starring as overbearingly condescending guy. It was a really cute premise but I bet you want to know what kind of game warrants a promotion from the Rajah of Reviews, the Sultan of Stars and the King of Critics Adam Sessler. Well, a good one. A really good one. In fact, I am going to spoil this right here and now for those of you who hate reading an entire review, go get this game because it is awesome...

The VainGlory [Free] version 1.9 update is out now, and boy howdy new character Phinn looks like a killer. This aquatic maniac is going to be their first hero with a pull mechanic. Much like Pudge in Dota or Blitzcrank in League of Legends, Phinn is going to be the guy who drags his enemies back into the fray. ..

'Starseed: Origin' Review: Old School Cool

Starseed: Origin [$2.99] is not a game you play for an original concept or to casually tap with half your attention elsewhere. Starseed is a game you play until it gets too hard and too fast and you blow up and die. ..

If you aren't already sick of the Bioshock drama, it looks as though Apple has weighed in on the situation with a response to one of our readers that is a little on the strange side. While avoiding the responsibility of refunds just like 2K, Apple is singing a slightly different tune:..

'Star Wars: Uprising' Review - Clones are Canon

September 21st, 2015 11:00 AM EST by Andrew Fretz in 2.5 stars, Free, Reviews
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This new Star Wars game is kinda cool. It basically a knock off of another popular game, but with a Star Wars theme, but it's interesting. No, I am not talking about Bird Shooter Star Wars, nor am I talking about Star Wars Card Battler, nor am I talking about Star Wars Tiny Tower, not even gonna mention Star Wars Clash of Clans or Star Wars Tower Defense. No my fellow iOS enthusiasts, I am referring to the latest Star Wars branded game, Star Wars: Uprising[Free]. ..

If you have been following us on Mobcrush, you know how much we love Vainglory [Free]. It has entered our weekly rotation of fun and cool games we play. As a guy who likes to be generally helpful, I've found myself in the support/roam role more often than not. Now I am not a pro tier player, but I get to see some interesting dynamics play out that the typical player focused on last hits, invades and team fights might not immediately perceive. Playing a support can mean a number of things but if I can sum it up in one word, it would be "foresight." Everything you do as a support will inevitably lead you back to how well you anticipated your team and your enemy. Scouting Mines, pings, defensive and support items are all tools at your disposal that will set the stage for the outcome of your game...