Balance Changes and Deck Sharing in ‘Touchstone’ #124

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We’re staring down the barrel of a nice shake up of the meta game this week. Some of the most important cards of some of the strongest decks have been singled out. What I like about the changes is that the cards have so much innate value that I think they will still see action. Another thing I like about card changes is that sweet dust return! Hearthstone’s(Free) Year of the Raven is going to be a great one if we continue to see balance passes like the one we have highlighted below.

Balance Changes

Mana cost increases take center stage for this week’s balance changes. This is a great move for the overall health of the game. Control and slower tempo decks, especially Control Warlock, have been a little too good at countering faster decks. Hopefully with the changes to cards like Possessed Lackey, Dark Pact, and Call to Arms we will see a little more room open up in the top tiers of Standard play. The most dramatic change this time around has to be in the Naga Sea Witch. What was once a 5 mana card has now been launched into the stratosphere to an 8. No longer a terror of the Wild format, this card is basically dead. Mourn her, say farewell to the giant board fill on turn 5, and look for something else ridiculous to do(that’s kinda what Wild is for, right?). For those of us who don’t spend time playing Wild, we’ll just keep on not putting her in any decks.

Deck Sharing

We got a short video from the Blizz team showing off the ability to share decks in a challenge. When you invite someone to play Hearthstone the barrier between a newbie and a veteran can feel immense. With this feature we will be getting the benefit of a physical card game where you can meet a friend and swap cards to test out deck ideas without investing in them yourself. Kudos to the team for a great feature and a great way to bring someone into the game who doesn’t have an extensive card collection.

This Week’s Videos

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