As was hinted at last month, our little pal Red has gone to the casino in a new update for Red's Kingdom [$2.99] which just arrived this morning. Similar to the huge update the game received in early March, this latest update includes two new areas to explore, the fishing port called Roth Ennis and an area called Rath Crom which is home of the famous The Golden Nut casino, and more than 50 new levels to explore and solve. You can also expect to run into several new types of enemies and even some new puzzle mechanics.

While there were some issues with Red's Kingdom that prevented Carter from enjoying the game as much as he'd hoped in his review, it sure has been a big hit with our community who voted it their Game of the Month in January and I also found plenty to like about the game when I chose it for our Game of the Week when it released. If you enjoy puzzles but want to see them dressed up in a fully fleshed out open world, then Red's Kingdom should be right up your alley and is an even stronger experience thanks to all the additional content that's been added to it so far.

  • Jinxtah

    Fantastic. I've been checking the game now and then in hopes of more islands being added. I'm happy I caught this piece of news. Time to go back. I love that they haven't just abandoned the game, but they continue to support it and add new free stuff.

    I hope they'll make a sequel some day, when they're finally done supporting the game.

  • OrangutanKungfu

    This is a really good game. IMHO it's far better than three stars. You can really feel the developers' TLC in every room. Not sure I'm going to redownload after playing through the first campaign, but anyone who hasn't tried it should give it a go. I'm sure Slayaway Camp is great, but Red's Kingdom has almost a Nintendo sheen.