Amidst all of the excitement regarding the Nintendo Switch reveal last Friday, an interesting announcement managed to slip through the cracks. During their Nintendo Treehouse broadcast, a special Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct was announced to take place on Wednesday 18th January at 2pm PST, and promises to show upcoming titles in the series, including the Switch exclusive Fire Emblem Warriors that was revealed on the same day. However, many were still wondering whether the previously announced iOS iteration of the strategy series would also be shown at this event, as while we have had a tentative 2017 release date, Nintendo haven't divulged many specifics regarding the mobile Fire Emblem beyond the fact it's going to be free-to-play. Thankfully, the Japanese Nintendo Twitter feed has today confirmed that the smartphone entry in the Fire Emblem series would indeed be shown for the first time at tomorrow's Nintendo Direct presentation.

While it's great to see Nintendo finally provide more information on their next mobile effort, I'd advise anyone to not get too excited regarding tomorrow's reveal of the mobile Fire Emblem game. Firstly, the console manufacturer are putting the majority of their focus on the upcoming Switch launch, which is set to take place on March 3rd. This suggests that the majority of the emphasis of tomorrow's Nintendo Direct will likely be on the Fire Emblem Warriors title, as well as rumors of a console adaptation of the 3DS's Fire Emblem Fates. Secondly, Nintendo and DeNA have been relatively forward in detailing that the Fire Emblem for smartphones will be free-to-play, and likely simplified from its intricate strategic roots for a broader audience on the App Store. This is not a bad thing, and Super Mario Run [Free] is a testament to how a game can still be a lot of fun even with more basic mechanics, but any hardcore fans of the franchise shouldn't go into the Fire Emblem Direct expecting anything approaching the depth of the two 3DS titles.

Whatever happens tomorrow, it's the start of an incredibly interesting year for Nintendo. With the Switch almost upon us (look out for a hands-on preview very soon), as well as Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games finally launching on the App Store this year, 2017 will hopefully be another great leap forward for the platform. Let us know your expectations on the Fire Emblem mobile reveal tomorrow in the comments section, or on our forum thread.

  • Daniel Schroeder

    I think for FE Mobile will be a Clash of Clans derivative, or a CCG (there's already a real FE CCG).

    If life was fair, it would be a Terra Battle-like.

    • 김지 킫밸

      If life waa fair for me, it would be like Star Ocean that just came out

    • Billy Ocean

      Yes this can be the only outcome.

      • Daniel Schroeder

        Would you say you're singing, "get outta my dreams, get into my car" about this game?

  • Michal Hochmajer

    Fire keeper record emblem... I hope so.
    O man, almost all switch games look so good. Some people complain about number of titles, but hack I can buy like 10 titles every month or what? Quality over quantity...
    Anyway, pumped up for any fire emblem info, both mobile and switch.
    Thx Rob

    • Alexythimia23

      Totally agree, hell zelda breath of the wild will keep me busy for a few months anyway lol

  • HelperMonkey

    Thanks for tempering my expectations.
    I've only played the GBA versions of Fire Emblem, but they are so damn good that I couldn't be anything but disappointed at a watered down interpretation.
    That said, I still hope that a Nintendo-made F2P strategy game might be better than most similar titles in the AppStore.

    • curtisrshideler

      That's right! The GBA game was great. Thank goodness for GBA4iOS. I'd rather play that any day over a F2P anything!

  • justcallmedewey

    I remain cautiously optimistic

  • Tanshui

    100% insta download on launch day let's go fire emblem mobile!!! Won't matter to me what type of game it is I'll at least try 🙂

  • shining jade

    It will be nothing good ..Look at Super Mario Run WiFi locked 10$ to unlock the game very little content, Sad to say but I think Both Fire emblem & Animal Crossing coming to iOS are doomed to the same treatment its Nintendo...
    What they have shown us with the Switch, the Expensive System, Expensive Accessories, Paid Online play with a Snes or Nes game to play ..Sad launch titles ..
    There in it for the money ..
    if we get lucky they may be a Offline decently priced game with fair amount of content for the price ..
    10$ for WiFi locked (servers could get killed there goes your money)
    Super Mario Run (A runner !) not worth it at all ..
    Hope this fate doesn't happen to the next two Nintendo mobile games coming ..

    • PapaSjeff

      To be honest, if they would have gone for the money they wouldn't have used the current monetization model for Mario Run.

  • Weisse

    Keep it similar to what fire emblem is, then it will do well. Please not some stupid one tap online only nonsense. But Nintendo being Nintendo will find something to add to annoy gamers.

    • Eli Hodapp

      There is absolutely nothing they can do tomorrow that won't make gamers angry.

      • Paul

        And that isn't an issue? Why do people seem to apologise for Nintendo?

      • Eli Hodapp

        Who is apologizing for Nintendo? It's just amusing to me that gamer expectations have gotten to a point where it's literally impossible to make people happy. Nintendo could announce that every download of Fire Emblem comes with a free Tesla and folks would complain that they have to find a place to plug it in.