‘King Rabbit’ Level Creator Update Hits on January 26th

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The long-awaited King Rabbit (Free) level creator is set to hit the App Store next week, on January 26th. The update has been undergoing beta testing for a few weeks now, and the duo at RareSloth is about to deem it fit for public consumption. What’s cool is that this has the potential to increase the content in the game by several orders of magnitude. Right now, there are 256 official levels in the game. As of publication, the beta testers have created about 500 levels. If enough people use the level creator, King Rabbit could last theoretically forever.

RareSloth has also posted a mini-history of the company and what they’re looking to do in the future on their site. For the future, they’re planning to make some new games, but also hire someone to do help maintain and update King Rabbit. Oh, and King Rabbit has done rather well for the company, making over $100,000 in net income in the 9 months since the game released. Huzzah!

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