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‘Super Mario Run’ Delays ‘Fire Emblem’ and ‘Animal Crossing’ to 2017

Well, with Super Mario Run‘s big announcement at the September 2016 Apple keynote, there’s one question to be asked: what about those Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games that were set to hit this fall? Well, a particular outlet that only covers mobile gaming with respect when Nintendo’s involved got a quote from Nintendo discussing those games, saying that they’ve been delayed. A Nintendo representative said:

Based on a variety of factors, we felt it was most appropriate for Super Mario Run to launch ahead of these other two apps. Our Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem titles for mobile will launch before the end of our fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2017


Which makes sense, I guess: Animal Crossing is popular, but it doesn’t get the masses excited quite the way that Mario does, I suppose. Still, if you’ve been curious to see what Nintendo’s doing with those franchises on mobile…you’re gonna have to wait a bit longer.