With 'The Angry Birds Movie' right around the corner I have a feeling we'll be in for an Angry Birds-palooza of new games and merchandise to hype the release of their big screen debut. It's not even been two weeks since Rovio did the worldwide launch of the pinball-esque Angry Birds Action! [Free], but they're already back at it with an interesting hybrid of Angry Birds and New Star Soccer [Free] in their recently soft-launched Angry Birds Goal! The game is developed in conjunction with New Star Flight Designs, which sounds like an offshoot of New Star Games who produce the massively popular New Star Soccer. So before anyone goes crying foul, it looks like this is an official collaboration, not a clone and re-skin. At least, I don't think so. Angry Birds Goal! uses the same top-down view and easy pull-back-to-shoot control scheme that made New Star Soccer one of the more popular games on mobile.

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Apparently Angry Birds Goal! has been in soft-launch on Android for about a week or so, with the iOS soft-launch happening a few days later. It's not soft-launched in any of the popular territories like Canada or New Zealand, but it is free so you could always make yet another new account using our handy guide so you can give this one a spin early, if you want. Otherwise I'd imagine that Angry Birds Goal! will launch worldwide in time for the EUEFA Euro 2016 in June, or perhaps a bit earlier to coincide with the launch of the movie on May 20th. Either way, hit up the forum thread for some early impressions of this interesting mashup, or if you're equipped with an iTunes account in one of the soft-launch territories you can grab the game with the link below.

Soft-Launch iTunes Link: Angry Birds Goal!, Free (Universal)

  • HarryWarden

    Word is that Rovio needs the movie to be a hit or they will be in trouble.

  • Emily69

    Yay more free to play garbage. I'm so excited.

  • Luci0

    What country IS it soft launched in?

    • Emily69

      New Zealand.

    • fabianb

      Lol, this indeed.

  • Luci0


  • Luci0

    I just went to NZ store and it's not there.. I tried the link and it won't show up.. Strange.

  • ineptidude

    Dang. I really hope they bring that shootemup over to iOS soon

  • Derprozess

    Birds playing football (soccer), that's a new one 😛

  • curtneedsaride

    I just want the premium version of New Star Soccer that I paid for to come back.

    • GiHubb

      I'm 100% with you here. The NSS I bought was an absolute gem, a wonderful game that I fell in love with and spent countless fun filled hours on. But then, it took the freemium turn, and became completely obnoxious - it added unnecessary mechanics all meant to drain your energy so you had to buy energy packs. From skills deteriorating, to games being much tougher so you had to set your player at top intensity, to equipment that broke down and trainers and other shenanigans. It completely ruined it for me as the game now felt tedious and unfair. I still have it on my iPad, but I never play it. I keep it in hopes that one day it converts back into the game we loved, which even won the BAFTA.

  • fabianb

    New Star Soccer is legendary. Is this even coming close?

  • planetmidgar

    They really should just rename Rovio to just 'Angry Birds'... That's really all they got.

  • Bloodangel

    New star soccer 2 would be good... Hope they make it

  • DemoEvolved

    This is pathetic on both rovio and new stars sides. Up mismatch and wasted resources.

  • silfvertheman

    Its the same game is NSS just redesigned and a couple of new features like defence(where you need to take the ball from the opponent).

    If you like soccer games you should try this one out!:)