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First Teaser Video Released for ‘Card Thief’, the Follow-Up to Last Year’s Excellent ‘Card Crawl’

We’ve been eager to hear more about Card Thief, the pseudo-spinoff/follow-up/sequel to last year’s sublime Card Crawl (Free) from Tinytouchtales, since its original announcement in early February. The basic gist of Card Thief is that it’s a similar solitaire style game to Card Crawl but played on a 3×3 grid where you draw paths between the cards to move while utilizing stealth and strategy to avoid guards. Everything is nicely laid out and explained in Card Thief’s first official trailer which Tinytouchtales released over the weekend. Check it out, and be sure to turn up the sound to hear the narration.

You can find all sorts of more details about Card Thief on the game’s dev blog page or right here in its very own forum thread. I’d be scared to know just how much time I’ve spent playing Card Crawl since its release just over a year ago, but it was most certainly one of my very favorite games of 2015. Based on that, I’m incredibly excited for Card Thief to arrive, as it seems like it has mechanics that might be even more up my alley than those in Card Crawl. We’ll continue to follow this one closely and bring you any further developments as they happen.