Today is the Last Day to Disenchant ‘Hearthstone’ Nerfed Cards for Full Dust Value

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If you’ve been playing Hearthstone (Free) for some time now, then you probably have a few copies of the Classic cards Blizzard nerfed just prior to Whispers of the Old Gods and Standard hitting. If you remember, on April 20th Blizzard dropped the hammer on several cards in order to ensure that newer cards have an impact on the game and to free up design space for future cards. In order to ensure players wouldn’t feel cheated by these nerfs, especially if they had recently crafted any of those cards, Blizzard announced that players could disenchant any of these cards for full dust value (rather than a fraction as is usually the case). However, this full-value disenchanting will only be around until May 10th PDT, which makes today the last day you can get full dust.


We talked about the nerfed cards here (and Blizzard talked about them here), but if you haven’t read that story, the nerfed cards that you can dust are the following: Ancient of Lore, Force of Nature, Keeper of the Grove, Ironbeak Owl, Big Game Hunter, Blade Flurry, Knife Juggler, Leper Gnome, Arcane Golem, Molten Giant, and Master of Disguise. Now, not all the nerfed cards have become useless; in fact, I still see plenty of Knife Jugglers, Big Game Hunters, and Molten Giants. If you have any golden versions of any of these, you should probably disenchant them.

Other than that, it’s hard to say which ones are worth holding on to and which ones not (though some – like Arcane Golem and Blade Flurry – are clearly very weak now). The good thing is if you want to, you can disenchant them all and then craft them later for the same amount of dust if you decide you want one or more of them for your collection. Just remember, it’s today or never.

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