This is some disheartening news for Apple TV gaming. Disney said recently in a customer support reply that "there are currently no plans for futher updates to the Apple TV version" of Disney Infinity 3.0. Now, this doesn't likely impact Toy Box 3.0 [Free], but the Apple TV version is the full version of the game that supports the Play Sets and their specific gameplay styles, not just the sandbox creation that Toy Box has. So, unless something changes, if you bought Play Sets for the Apple TV version of the game, there's no guarantee that any of them will work in the future, and some figures might not even work at all.

This is disappointing to hear, but it might be understandable from a numbers standpoint as sales numbers have looked bleak so far and it's not like anyone's been screaming that their Apple TV game has done well. Apple TV games just haven't been selling well so far. Even the featured list on the tvOS App Store only adds one or two new games per week. It's disappointing, to say the least. Especially so, considering that there were Apple TV starter kits for Disney Infinity 3.0 that were sold!

And if one of the big corporate partners of Apple is abandoning their game after a few months, well, that's not exactly a great sign for the platform. It dampens even my optimism for Apple TV gaming, and I'm possibly the most optimistic person in this solar system when it comes to Apple TV gaming. And I still am – but something's going to have to change (and I think it will, but that's for a Carter Crater sometime), as the status quo doesn't seem to be working out for Apple TV gaming right now.

Thanks to reader Tony for the tip!

Update: A Disney spokesperson says "Disney continues to support Apple TV as a platform for games, and fans will see new gaming content from Disney on this platform throughout the year. We just launched DuckTales: Remastered for Apple TV last month and have several additional titles in development."

  • Von Strubel

    The main problem is the lousy remote. I miss my old one which i gave to my studying children together with the old Apple TV. I hate siri as it never seems to work correctly and entering text is actually slower with the new remote (pad) as it is so imprecise. And yes, i have a new Mifi-controller too but not many games that use it.

  • Steve Sabol

    They also appear to be abandoning the PC as well.

  • Maude St. Nubbins

    The playsets and figures are platform agnostic, only the USB base tends to be tied to a platform. The correct concern is that any figures that require a newer version of Infinity (like the Civil War CapAm in the Battlegrounds expansion) won't work on the Apple TV app.

    TL;DR: You can take your toys to a platform that Disney is still supporting. 😀

    • Hoodin

      I thought the base was also platform agnostic

  • curtisrshideler

    Apple should've packaged the new Apple TV with a remote and a controller. Then my wife and I would've probably bought it. But as it is, it really doesn't entice us away from our smart TV and PS3.

  • kearnel

    I actually love the new remote, however it's not for gaming, luckily I had a mfi controller for my iPhone and iPad that I use. Also another problem I find with gaming on Apple TV is the fact it has to download content to play, Apple need to increase the size of apps allowed. I only play Galaxy on Fire 3 prequel on it, I still rather use my iPad for iOS games

  • db2

    What about the Apple Watch version?

  • Neverdead315

    I too am disappointed with Apple TV gaming. I had high hopes, but have been extremely let down.

    They should have just gave us a controller. The little thing they gave us is terrible.

    And 1 or 2 games a week when you have an App Store with millions of games is unacceptable.

    But it's also the games we did get. For the most part, none of the best games are available. I was hoping to get hooked on a game and rush home to my Apple TV, but that hasn't happened.

    It looks like a fail mission to me.

  • SKR Imaging

    Not giving a controller in box was a bad move.. as it is, price of MFi controllers is high compared to console alternatives... they could ahve allowed any controller to work over bluetooth.. Jailbroken iOS devices can use PS3 controllers with no issues.... making games require online connection to download contents as they go was another bad move.. my PS3 can sustain single player gaming with no internet connection at all..

    for those reasons, I stick to my PC and PS3 for gaming...

  • RelientKSoCal

    The second Apple forced game developers to use the Apple TV remote for their games, they killed Apple TV gaming. I'm so mad they did that. No reason why there shouldn't be games that require a controller. As someone else said, just package a controller with the Apple TV if you're concerned about games working "out of the box".

  • HelperMonkey

    We'll see if PlayStation Vue swoops in and fills the space that Apple only flirted with.

  • macish79

    Apple does not care at all about games no to they have a single clue about them. All of their "game" related apporaches where half asses at best.
    GameCenter lacked tons of feature the compettition had at that time. Not to mention the current "we dont give a shit" state its in. Controller support for iOS devices with 2 completly different layouts (basic digital and full fledge analog console style) made a rift that was never overcome. Then of course Apple themself did not offer any Controllers at all so it was shoddy overprices third party crap that tried to sell their plasticky addons with an Apple overprice bonus.

    Now the Apple TV and Apps is the future of TV crap with a utterly useless remote for anything than single click games.

    Crossy fu ck in g Road as the pinacle of Apple TV gaming was a dead giveaway that this will fail. Forcing developers to support the excuse of an TV remote to play games and again not having their own controller just shows again that they do not care.
    It always feels like Apple is riding on a Train others put on the tracks. Oh.. games in the Appstore sell for millions of dollars a day.. ok nice.. good that we needed not to invest anything into gaming.. lets not start todo anything either.
    What there are problems that are years old? Who cares.. SuperCell still makes us tons of cash.

    Apple should have made their own Controller, probably with iPad/iPhone docking capabilites and had a solid foundation for some more serious gaming. This Controller they could have offered years ago and it could have been the standard controller for the Apple TV for gaming.

    By now you had wide support from all mayor developers but instead the lets not do too much approach works better and is way cheaper.

  • ruefrak

    I think what they're saying is that any future expansions to the game probably won't be coming to Apple TV, starting with Marvel Battlegrounds. The play sets that were already out and working will keep working, just don't expect anything new.

    It looks like gaming on the Apple TV isn't what people really want.

  • aardWolf

    They did the same thing for the PC version as well... is it also "disheartening" for the PC gaming market?

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    The Appletv version of Disney Infinity was pretty much dead on arrival anyway. I doubt many people care, since they probably didn't buy it. It performed badly (took forever to load) and wasn't cross-compatible with the iOS version. They should have at least integrated it with the iOS version rather than attempting to make it stand alone.

    P. S. Anyone complaining about the Siri remote being bad for games: you're doing it wrong. Buy the Nimbus controller.

    P. P. S. Who makes a remote control out of GLASS, anyway? And charges $80 for a replacement???

  • Leslie Libal

    I had already purchased a couple of Apple TV SteelSeries controllers plus I had already purchased the Star Wars Disney Infinity set for my PS4 so I did not see a need to spend another $100 on something I already had. If Disney Infinity had just sold the Apple TV USB base platform for the Disney Infinity characters to stand on it would have been much cheaper and I would have purchased that for like $15 to $20. My guess is Disney Infinity for Apple TV sold horribly. Wasn't it like $20 more than the PS4 version. It made no sense. I even posted on the Disney Infinity facebook website about an option to just purchase the USB platform, explaining that I already had every thing else, and was told that wasn't an option.

    Likewise, I have been rather disappointed in the lack of games coming out for Apple TV. I would have thought that it would be relatively simple for many companies to port their games over to the Apple TV from the iPhone or iPad but the games have just been barely trickling out.

    Like the competition before, such as, Ouya, Amazon Fire TV, etc. the games that I would play and purchase are just not coming out. I check back every few weeks and usually I only see 1 or 2 new games for Apple TV.

    I was very excited when the Apple TV came out but there has just been little gaming support to speak of from developers.