Disney Abandons ‘Disney Infinity 3.0’ for Apple TV

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This is some disheartening news for Apple TV gaming. Disney said recently in a customer support reply that “there are currently no plans for futher updates to the Apple TV version" of Disney Infinity 3.0. Now, this doesn’t likely impact Toy Box 3.0 (Free), but the Apple TV version is the full version of the game that supports the Play Sets and their specific gameplay styles, not just the sandbox creation that Toy Box has. So, unless something changes, if you bought Play Sets for the Apple TV version of the game, there’s no guarantee that any of them will work in the future, and some figures might not even work at all.

This is disappointing to hear, but it might be understandable from a numbers standpoint as sales numbers have looked bleak so far and it’s not like anyone’s been screaming that their Apple TV game has done well. Apple TV games just haven’t been selling well so far. Even the featured list on the tvOS App Store only adds one or two new games per week. It’s disappointing, to say the least. Especially so, considering that there were Apple TV starter kits for Disney Infinity 3.0 that were sold!

And if one of the big corporate partners of Apple is abandoning their game after a few months, well, that’s not exactly a great sign for the platform. It dampens even my optimism for Apple TV gaming, and I’m possibly the most optimistic person in this solar system when it comes to Apple TV gaming. And I still am – but something’s going to have to change (and I think it will, but that’s for a Carter Crater sometime), as the status quo doesn’t seem to be working out for Apple TV gaming right now.

Thanks to reader Tony for the tip!

Update: A Disney spokesperson says “Disney continues to support Apple TV as a platform for games, and fans will see new gaming content from Disney on this platform throughout the year. We just launched DuckTales: Remastered for Apple TV last month and have several additional titles in development."


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