We're 3/5 of the way through Blizzard's expansion to Hearthstone [Free] Curse of Naxxramas, and so far it's been awesome. I feel like the most recently released quarter is a bit easier than the last, but, defeating the bosses and class challenges is still a lot of fun. In case you've missed any of our guides on Naxx, or randomly stumbled across this one, here's the list of what we've posted so far:

Alright, with that out of the way, let's get down to business.

Instructor Razuvious Strategy

7863The most threatening thing to come out of this fight is Razuvious's Massive Runeblade cards seen to the right. A weapon with 5 attack is enough to take out most minions, and when he decides to bash your face with it, you're looking at 10 damage total, or 20 total if he decides to do it two turns in a row. The other gimmick you'll need to deal with is the fact that he starts with not one but two 0/7 minions taunt and most of the cards he plays buffs these guys up. Thankfully, you start with the Mind Control Crystal card which allows you to steal both of these minions for 1 mana.

The basic strategy just consists of killing him before he kills you, and doing as much damage as possible before the Massive Runeblades become an issue. I suppose you could run a deck filled with a couple Acidic Slimes and a Harrison Jones to try to mitigate the weapon damage, but just by running a typical Murloc zoo deck and popping your Mind Control Crystal at the right time it's pretty easy.

I used Trump's Murloc Zoo deck, but I feel like you could beat this with just about anything as the Mind Control Crystal really tilts the battle in your favor.

Gothik the Harvester Strategy

7868Fighting Gothik is pretty similar to playing against a Warlock zoo deck, as he's got a lot of cheap minions and his hero ability is basically the Warlock Life Tap without it draining two health in the process. The main thing you're going to want to look out for is the annoying death rattle ability of many of his minions.

If you kill one of them, you get a spectral version of it on your side of the battlefield. This might sound like a good thing, but the spectral version has no attack and damages you every turn. Thankfully, none of these dudes have taunt so you can pretty much ignore them.

I had no problem beating him on my first try with the same Murloc deck posted above. If you get any spectral guys on your side of the board, just use Power Overwhelming on them so they swing in for a bunch of damage then die at the end of your turn.

Again, pretty easy. I think you could beat him with just about any deck just being careful about avoiding killing his minions.

Baron Rivendare / Four Horsemen Strategy

7876This is the best fight of this quarter, as it's essentially the Hearthstone equivalent of the Four Horsemen fight in World of Warcraft's Naxxramas. So the boss himself is Baron Rivendare who is invulnerable until you kill the three 1/7 horsemen that he starts with on his side of the board. His hero power allows him to draw two cards for 5 mana, which means that late game he's going to have a lot of gas to pour on the proverbial fire.

Aside from that, he plays loads of Paladin secrets, the most annoying of which brings any minion you kill back with 1 health. It's not at all uncommon for Baron Rivendare to have three secrets up at once. Anyway, since you need to deal with big minions before you can do anything, any kind of deck that focuses on control is going to be good.

I used the same freeze mage deck from the Heigan fight, but anything that stalls minions or can do mass damage will work great. I've also beaten him using a very generic control warrior deck, as Execute can knock them out for one mana.

With the board cleared of the other three horsemen, doing 7 damage to Rivendare himself is pretty trivial. Keep an eye out for silence effects, as it seems like he has an endless supply of them.

Shaman Class Challenge Strategy

7874This Shaman class challenge versus Gothik the Harvester is very similar to fighting Gothik like you just did with one major difference… It's real hard to avoid having your side of the battlefield filled up with spectral dudes. Thankfully, your shaman deck can mitigate this in many different ways.

First off, you can use Hex to deal with the early onslaught of Unrelenting guys to prevent needing to deal with them early. From there, you can try to fill your side of the board with totems so there isn't room for more minions when you kill his, or just deal with it and buff them up with Flametongue Totem, Rockbiter Weapon, Defender of Argus, and more.

The key seems to be largely making sure to position your Flametongue Totem for maximum effectiveness. Ideally, you'll want one spectral guy up, and then summon it on the right, so if you get another one it will also be buffed. Summon your own minions on the left to avoid blocking the totem off. Other than that, like most class challenges, once you figure out the trick it's pretty easy,

Warlock Class Challenge Strategy

7733-2This class challenge reminds me a lot of the Hunter class challenge in that it can be a lot of fun if the random number generator decides to roll in your favor. The basic strategy is pretty similar to The Four Horsemen above in that you'll need to kill the three horsemen on the board before you can damage Baron Rivendare, but this time around you've got a deck filled with demons.

The key to the deck is utilizing Voidcaller, as you've got a bunch of them and a lot of your other demons have pretty annoying (and costly) battlecry effects between destroying mana crystals, discarding cards, and things like that. To truly live the dream, you'll need to keep your fingers crossed that when your Voidcaller dies something good is brought out on the battlefield and Baron Rivendare doesn't have removal for it. From there, just kill the three horsemen, then bash to Rivendare's face.

You'll probably want to save direct damage spells for Baron Rivendare, as he has the same annoying sword that does loads of damage when his horsemen are down in the class challenge as well, and if you can't finish him off once they fall, chances are he'll play that and kill you. It might take a few tries, but this class challenge is fun when everything works out.

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    Man! Why does this game get so much TA attention? Is it so poorly made that you have to guide the players through it? Did TA get paid for having so much attention around it? Whats the deal, guys? Jeeezz!!! I havent seen any other game get this kind of attention after its released 😛 Where the heck were you guys when I was struggling my butt off on Hellraid?

    No offence, folks, but it seems like every damn day there is a hint, tip, advice or some kind of article about this game... "Here's how to beat this", "how to beat that". Im just saying its getting a bit too much 😛 I don't even read these articles because I'll find out eventually on my own on how to play it. And Im sure if anyone is having trouble playing it, they'll find a hint, trick and cheat site online.

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    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It's pretty much the most popular iPad game now, and these stories are getting 10x the traffic of any other story on TouchArcade. Guides on the Heroic content do even better than that. The numbers don't lie, while you may not be interested in this stuff, the vast overwhelming majority of people who come to TouchArcade are.

      This IS the hint/trick/cheat site online people are finding. 🙂

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      How dare TA cover a game that arguably was the most anticipated pc/iOS game to be released and that gets thousands of views daily for their new expansions, that are released every week. The nerve of these conformists... I mean it's not like blizzard is a juggernaut of gaming and have throngs of followers... TA should ban all posts so their viewers can read about this game elsewhere... Why would site traffic matter to a forum.... (End sarcasm)

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      Maybe it's because Hearthstone is better and more popular than the pathetic excuse for a game Hellraid is.

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    Just admit it Eli, you love Hearthstone! I too have fallen under its spell. It's the perfect combination of skill/luck with great timing for the mobile experience. The "grind" is really just learning strategies, building the perfect deck, and enjoying some well fought duels. I personally love the amount of coverage it's getting on TA, so keep it coming Eli! Question you may have already answered but I'm curious about, what class do you main and what's your deck/playstyle?

  • Alan Baldwin

    You do not need (or want, in the case of Heroic) to kill all 3 of the horsemen, - keeping one alive but silenced keeps the Runeblade from getting buffed. I went priest and used Shadow Word: Pain, a bunch of DD (along with thoughtsteal / mind vision, giving you *his* DD cards), and Silence + Ironbeak Owl to keep one of the others silenced while I face melted Rivendare 🙂

    • torosama

      Same! I'm a diehard priest Player and have cleared all challengs in the 3 wings with my priest. Well except class challenges.

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    Hi Eli! Just wanted to say I love your guides! They are the BEST! I was
    wondering if you are going to be creating a guide for the HEROIC
    Military Quarter as you did the rest of the wings thus far? I sure hope
    so! I've been checking daily as I've had wonderful success with all your
    previous heroic guides and have practically taken out the bosses on the
    first try, even on heroic, with your advice and tips. Thank you again
    for your outstanding articles/guides and keep up the good work! Hoping
    you create a guide for Heroic for this wing as well! Have a nice day! 🙂